The Brotherhood Presents a Questionnaire on 30.000 Detainees

The Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc is about to face a furious round with the Interior Ministry. The bloc will bring up the question of detainees that exceeding 30.000 citizens, among them 1200 Brothers arrested during the parliamentary polls.
The bloc prepares a number of questionnaire and information requests that disclose the real detained number. Recently, the Brotherhood threatened to present the detention question to the parliament if the government did not release them soon.
Saad el-Katatny, the MB bloc’s head, stated that they make a questionnaire on the detentions have been launched during November’s elections. The questionnaire includes an account on their numbers and detected abuse to which they were subject. It, in addition, reflects the public outrage regarding this unjustified arrest campaign that targeted those who were practicing their constitutional and legal right of voting.
In their first parliamentary confrontation, the ruling National Democratic Party achieved victory over the Brotherhood in the vote of the parliament committees. The NDP seized the presidency over the19 committees while the MB grabbed the deputy position of the Health Committee.
In addition, the MB bloc intends to introduce a questionnaire to the Prime Minister over the excessive number of consultants, up to 900, designated for the profiles. Such immense figure poses huge financial burden on the country budget. 
In another connection, the Freedom Committee of the Bar Association arranges a press conference on Monday. It releases its account on vote irregularities that scarred the legislative polls. It, moreover, announces the list of involved judges in the ballot-rigging of some constituencies. Appropriate measures recommended by the association in this respect are stated also.