the Brotherhood Studies the Formation of a Conservative Party

 Dec 26, 2005
Essam el-Arian, a leading persona of the Muslim Brotherhood, voiced the group’s willingness to separate its D’awah (preaching) and political activities, only if the Egyptian political atmosphere provides an appropriate ground. Starting from this viewpoint, the Muslim Brotherhood securitizes the possibility of forming a political party, may be conservative, which spreads values and ethics.
An expert of Islamist movements labeled this initiative ’a practical step’. Due to its rigid policy, however, he expressed the ruling regime may not accept the establishment of this party that brings the legal status of the Brotherhood to an end and that involves it into real political competition with the organization.
On the heels of the unprecedented success of the so-called outlawed group in the recently concluded polls, ’ the Brotherhood examines various options to practically separate between the MB’s D’awah and political roles. A civil, Islamic-oriented, political party or ethics-authorized conservative party, which compasses conservatives and disseminates ethics and values, leans closer’ el-Arian told IOL on Monday.
Commenting on the claim saying religious-oriented parties are unconstitutional, el-Arian said: ’this is a fake that used for certain intellectual backgrounds. In fact, there is no constitutional article that prohibits the formation of religious party…in the state of implementing either of options, Copts are entitled to join.’
’We have two models: the Jordanian party of the Islamic Action Front and the Yamane Reformist Party. Both of them are able to nourish their D’awah mission and to participate effectively in the political domain,’ el-Arian explained.
He ruled out’ a potential contradiction between D’awah and political scopes. If there, the group gives presidency to the public interest for we prefer to help the largest scale of the society.’
’The practical separation is linked to political release on the part of the regime,’ el-Arian answered when being asked about the estimated time of the separation step.       ’The lift of party formation ban and the abolishment of emergency law are essentials. Therefore, the government now owns the top keys to begin while we are discussing all possible alternatives,’ he added.   
’We want to calm fears of all circles and to make them partner of responsibility, especially the public that is disengaged from true political participation,’ el-Arian argued about the drives of the under-study separation. ’We call all Egyptians, inside or abroad, to engage into free and outspoken decisions to reshape the Egyptian future,’ he added. ’The major success of the Brotherhood in the recent polls, picking 88 seats, poses further public burden over the shoulder of the group,’ he stressed