The Brotherhood’s MP Asks for Reply on Torture Instance

The spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood’s bloc in the parliament, Hassen Hamdy, requested the Ministers of Justice and Interior to comment on reports appeared on newspapers and internet sites about a torture case.
The story said the State Security forces has detained Ali Muhammad Abdel Satar, an engineer, 47, in the State Security headquarters of Ebshway City. Upon being subjected to brutal torture to confess his political tendency, Abdel Satar died. At the heels of his death, the authorities called his family to receive his crops. Abdel Satar has been buried admits tight-guarded security measures.
More brazenly, the State Security officers put heavy pressures on the victim’s family to prevent them from taking any legal actions. According to media reports, the State Security forces have been broken into Abdel Satar’s home and arrested him on suspicions of being a member in a political group.

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