The Brotherhood’s MPs Deny Restrictions on Making Questionnaires

The spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc, Hamdy Hassan, denies any decisions made by the group’s leadership concerning a halt of the bloc’s questionnaire to the government.  
: , el-Misery el-Youm daily has headlined boldly’Akef No Questionnaires’. In addition, the article author, Ragab Ramadan, quoted fake relevant statements of the Brotherhood’s leader, Muhammad Akef.
Replying on this false report, Hamdy said that the Brotherhood’s MPs was not instructed to stop questionnaire. On the contrary, we are directed to defend citizens’ right using all parliamentary mechanisms. He, furthermore, asserted the preparation of various vital questionnaires pertaining to economical and political issues. Since the parliament’s bylaw drops questionnaires upon any cabinet reshuffle, the Brotherhood’s bloc postpones their presentation till the new government starts its term.
Price rise, low wages, the inflation of national debts, the privatization of the public sector, the problem of Maruit Lake, and el-Azher, are among the under way subjects of the expected questionnaires.