The Cairo Inferno

The Cairo Inferno

It was horrible how people stood on the pavement in front of the Shura Council after the fire broke out to gloat over the misfortune of the country and its ruling party.


No one imagined that all those masses would bear such deep grudges against the government. They hate their country.


They prayed to God to make the fire fiercer. They wished the fire would sweep the People”s Assembly building as well. They wished the MPs and the ministers were inside to burn with it.


Some shot the scene with their mobile phone cameras to post it on the YouTube website. Bloggers were beamed with joy that Egypt was burning!


I saw the gloomy future of the country on that pavement. There was no sadness or grieve. There were only guffaws and bitter comments and sarcasm. No one felt sorry for that ancient building that told a part of our history.


“It is heaven”s revenge,” said the old man who burst into swearing at the regime just like all the others did. Another said it was a new version of the January 1952 Cairo inferno.


It is sad to hear such malicious comments. It was a gloomy night for me.