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Sixty years ago, the Security Council received a request of the admission of the State of "Israel" to the United Nations, where at that time it pledged to accept without reservation the obligations contained in the Charter of the United Nations when becoming a member. That the decision was made to accept, on 11 May 1949 should be conditioned on the implementation of the two General Assembly resolutions of the United Nations issued on November 29, 1947 and On 11 December 1948 whose numbers are: 181 (2) or partition resolution and the international trusteeship over Jerusalem, and 194 (d-3) on the right of return for Palestinians.

But what has happened since that time was following the different destination, and reversing the conditions by which the Zionist entity was accepted as a member in the United Nations. Even more crimes against humanity and war crimes were committed by the successive leaders whose brutality shocked the conscience of mankind many times, but not the conscience of the managers of these institutions which did not suspend the membership of "Israel", not even persecute its leaders for their crimes as was the case in other countries of the world. It was supposed from the United Nations to apply economic and diplomatic embargo and prevent travel to and from "Israel" based on the decisions of the Union for Peace (1950). As it was, and still be possible for the General Assembly of the United Nations to form a war crimes tribunal against “Israel” under Article 22 of the United Nations, at least for maintaining the continuity for its performance of its function. That, especially after the brutal aggression of this entity recently in Gaza Strip, which was only followed by the emergence of a government in Israel which is the most extreme, and does not afraid to manifest its deeds and applies the preceded governments’ views  which were waiting the suitable time to begin them.

What brings the leaders of Israel in despite the different programs of their parties and their political differences is the united agreement between them when the issue is related to the indigenous people in the occupied Palestine, whether in Gaza Strip or West Bank territories, or 1948 territories. What is relatively new is to declare loudly and clearly of their desire to get rid of the Arab minority or  make expulsion against them to have "Israel" pure as a Jewish State in which non-Jews have no place. The recent elections process was an opportunity to titillate the feelings of the Israeli voter by showing more of extremism in this direction to win additional seats. Those who accepted the Palestinians to remaining in their lands consider that the Palestinians have to be second-class citizens and demobilized of the ability to protest or to resist the arbitrary actions and discrimination against them at a time in which the principle of accepting an independent Palestinian state became more difficult, although it should be demilitarized in addition to rejecting the return of the refugees to their homes, which means practicing pressure on all concerned sides (the Arab) in the issue of settling them in their places of residence.


In all cases, the Israeli governments are speeding up the pace for the liquidation of the Palestinian civil society to resist their steadfast on the land since 1948. Avigdor Lieberman, (a winner of these elections, and was rewarded with the Foreign Ministry portfolio and granted his party the Ministry of interior Security), called for the banning of the political parties and groups that support Hamas and imposing a kind of compulsory service on all who live in the Jewish state, also called for land swaps of the residence of the Arabs (1948) for the mixed Jewish settlements in West Bank. There are drafts of laws put forward the idea to consolidate a Jewish state, and depriving Arabs of the commemoration of the Nakba, and to force those who have a Jewish identity to make an oath of the Jewish identity of the state, as paving the way to cancel the identity of those who do not accept that of the Arabs and expels them from their land.


A View of Azmi Bishara says that some of these laws will not pass easily, such as arresting those who do not accept the State as a Jewish entity and some laws may succeed to be imposed such as the prevention of commemorating the Nakba, which is political, Partisan and public new phenomenon practiced by the Arabs of Israel since the mid-nineties. Many of the Arabs inside until the late seventies and by the spread of national awareness strongly salutes the Independence Day of "Israel" either out of fear or ignorance, and their leaders of the Zionist parties and non-Zionist, were congratulating on Israel Independence Day. If there were not laws against commemorate the Nakba, it was not because "Israel" was more democratic but because it was unnecessary consideration of the institution, where not showing loyalty to the state as a Zionist state was rare.


Also, Israel may not be able to enact a law forcing the citizen on giving a special oath of loyalty because he is not immigrant, but a citizen by birth. Citizenship is not granted to him originally to give loyalty to the state, and it is not the duty of the indigenous population of the country, as does Bishara see, to be adapted to the nature of Zionist Israel. The Palestinian Arab citizen who considers himself a national Israeli in his view is the scum of humanity, that he accepts him self less than being a citizen and less than a Palestinian Arab and adapts at the same time with the suppression of his people, and with who confiscated the country and displaced people and changed the constitutional status, in addition to these repressive steps What is at the same time considered as a declaration of the failure of the Israelization process.


These steps come after the follow up by the Israeli authorities to some policies aimed to disconnect the Arab minority far from the surrounding Arab countries. As Nabil Sahli says, when Israel tried to integrate it in the Israeli society, it kept it on the sidelines, and endeavored to obliterate the Arab identity, and made the Druze and Circassian as ethnic separate groups, and distinguished between Arab Muslims and Christians, and the divvied Christians to communities east and west, and Muslims to different doctrines. That in addition to confiscating their lands where they now have only 3% of the land held by the state of "Israel" in 1948, and expelled them from their villages and towns and prevented them from returning, even if they were living few kilometers from their lands.


The famous “Israeli Nos”: No to the withdrawal to 1967 borders, no right of return, no to considering  the occupied Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinian state, remain the greatest common denominator of all parties in Israel of the extremist-right parties to the Zionist left. Concerning this, and despite all these statements and the intransigent situations, we have, not heard a condemnation statement by the European, or a threat of freezing the improving of relations with a country that is mired in extremism, racism and crime against the sons of this land, the Arabs.


Under the cover of the criminal international silence the occupier then proceeds at a fast pace to create new facts on the ground and imposing a fait by force, where they can use and it in any talks and compromise like Judaizing the Galilee and the Negev districts, while the official forums of Zionism call this by misleading way "development plans". While 58.4% of Palestinian households each of which needs housing unit for at least the next ten years, at a time 43% of the households will not be able to build any additional housing units, the Negev plan 2015 for example, hastens the steps forward to increase the Jewish population it to 900 thousand in a decade. Since the Arab towns and villages which are not avowaled stay the problem that impeding the implementation of such plan, this means in practice that they must be evacuated and demolished. As done by the government a few years ago when it approved a plan to seize 45 Palestinian villages in Negev and demolished houses in the village of Abu Jarwal, confiscating Palestinian property, livestock and tents which sheltering them to leave them without shelter under the blazing sun after the water tanks were destroyed, as a step of ethnic eradication.


The Arab in Negev or the Bedouins of the south of Palestine before 1948 were one hundred thousand people, but only 11 thousand people stayed there because of the policies of expulsion and displacement. Before this and during the military rule Israel limited the rest of them in a geographical area called the "Alcciag", and confiscated their land and demolished their homes and subjected them to deportation under the pretext that their villages are not recognized officially by Israel, although they were present before the Jewish state. Thus, after they were having 60% of the country, from Jordan and West Bank and Gaza Strip to Sinai, their economic situation today is the most difficult among all other population groups in the State of “Israel”.


Besides this, we mention the escalating of provocations against the Palestinian residents of Acre and Jaffa few months ago, and what is imposed in the towns and villages in the Triangle area of Wadi Ara and Tira and kalanswa and Kafr Qasem and the arbitrary laws of house demolitions, and the of blackmail and the threat of evacuation as which Halisa village in the city of Haifa was exposed to. At the same time, prosecutions continue against political parties and representatives of Arab communities and civil society activists, which aim at destroying their resistance holding back the policies of oppression and racism.


Numbers and facts

We Resort to the language of figures that give an idea of lived reality even if they illustrate the outlines. Before that, it should be stated that the Palestinians of 1948 or the Arabs inside the Green Line are the Arabs and the descendants of Arabs who remained in their villages and towns after the 1948 war and the establishment of the Zionist entity, or returned to their homes before the border closure.


By meditating these numbers, appears (on the basis of the annual statistical report for the year 2008 for the Central Bureau of Statistics, quoted by the Arab Association for Human Rights in Nazareth) that the number of the Arab population in "Israel" was 1,431,700 people. They are living in three main areas: the mountains of Galilee, the Triangle and the northern Negev. The Percentage of the total population of approximately 20% (The census includes the residents of East Jerusalem and the occupied Golan. They are either citizens or holders of a status of "permanent resident" in "Israel" without taking ownership of the Israeli nationality ,where according to the Citizenship Law, "Israel", the one who received a citizenship is the person who lived inside the Green since July 14, 1952, that is the time when the Knesset approved the "Israeli law). 42% of this figure are young, i.e. less than 15 years, compared with 27% of the Jewish population. And 3.4% are of 65 years and over, compared to 11.4%.The Arabs form 53.1% of the population of the Northern District, 23.9% of the population of Haifa District, 15.8% of the population of Southern District, 30.3% of the population of Jerusalem district, 8.1% from the Center district, 1.5% of the district of "Tel Aviv". The average number of children expected from women in the course of her ability of giving birth among Arab women witnesses a case of a steady decline since 1960. The rate has declined in the last four decades of 8 children of Arab women in 1960 to 3.6 in 2007 and the Jewish women, from 3.6 children in 1960 to 2.7 in 2007.


The Comprehensive report prepared by the Center (Rakaz -The information Bank on the Arab minority in "Israel") and the associations of "Galilee" for research and health services" and "Alahali" – the center of mass development  contributed from their  part in shedding light on various aspects of the lives of the Palestinian Arab community in the territory of 48  through a process of comprehensive survey conducted by the Center in 2007, where the sample included 3270 Palestinian families living in areas of the Arab presence "of the North, Central, South" in Coastal Cities (mixed), and in the communities that manage the affairs of life through local councils village, and in the towns under the authority of Israeli regional councils (zonal) belongs the Jewish settlements in Negev, as it is stated the report’s makers.


The staff of work had covered by direct inquiries "The reality of the situation in the structure of Arab society under occupation and direct repression and obscuring the Arab identity and the process of Israelization, and the procedures for marginalization and the siege and the meant fragmentation." It also revealed the concerns and suffering of the original land owners among Arabs, which can be summed up in the issues: housing, employment, living standards, issues of education, health topics. In the area of housing, the report highlighted that the most important issue facing the Arab is determined by the study, he says "the residential disaster, there is a need for more than seventy thousand new homes for the Palestinian families inside the green line, while the Arab families do not see the mechanism in how to achieve this dream, because of the Israeli government’s practices, whether through the narrow spheres of influence, or confiscation of land, and the continuation of the  permanent policy of demolishing houses.”


While approximately 156 thousand Palestinians, representing 9% of the Palestinian residents of the villages, and a few residents in some cities, "Haifa, Acre, Jaffa, Lydda and Ramla," managed to stay within the limits approved by the 1949 armistice, the number of the Palestinians since then until the end of 2006 doubled for about 7.3 times, reaching in the mid-2007 to 1,136,900 people (except those of the occupied city of Jerusalem), Which means that the Palestinian society, "is very young" of an average of 40.3% of those who are in the age of 14 years (56.2% in the South and 59.6% in the unrecognized villages in the south). 82.2% of Palestinians are Muslims, 9.4% Christian, 8.5% of the Druze. There are 103.4 males per hundred female and the med age of 19 years ( as for the north region and Haifa is 21 years and the center 20 years contrary to the south, where a 13-year-old only, and drops to 11 years in the unrecognized villages). The average age of males at first marriage was 25 years and women 20 years. Concerning the phenomenon of separation and divorce, is very low in the Palestinian community in "Israel", but the phenomenon of consanguineous marriages are still prevalent (18.0%), with an increasing in particular in the south up to 32.3%, with approximately the first degree of consanguineous persons . Average family size is 4.64 persons (6.03 for the South), as well as 50.5% of families the number of members inside them reaches to 5 and more (compared to 64.6% in the South).


Including respect of employment and unemployment, the report pointed out that the rate of participation in the labor force of 42.6% of the Palestinians, compared to 58.5% among the Jews, and 19% of Arab women work, compared with 56% of the Jews. The unemployment rate slightly more than 10%, but in fact 25% of the labor force is convincing unemployment in many fields. 77.7% of those who working reported that they are paid employees, while the percentage of self-employed or owners of small or medium businesses reached to 20.5%.


Including respect of employment and unemployment, the report pointed out that the rate of participation in the labor force of 42.6% of the Palestinians, compared to 58.5% among the Jews, and 19% of Arab women work, compared with 56% of the Jews. The unemployment rate slightly more than 10%, but in fact 25% of the labor force unemployed living full or "convincing" in many areas. 77.7% of those working reported that they paid employees, while the percentage of self-employed or owners of small businesses and medium to 20.5%.

If more than half of the Palestinian families depend on wages and salaries as a source of income, there is 32.5% of those who depend on government spending: "social allowances for children, aging, unemployment, disability, and retirement …" Reflected on the monthly rate of exchange "non-net", which is $ 1700, compared to 3350 dollars per family Jewish.

The Overall percentage of literacy among the Palestinians in "Israel" (15 years and over) is about 95.1% (90.4% of the Palestinians in the south), while 87.6% of university students are studying in colleges and universities in Israel, about 12.4% enrolled in higher educational institutions outside the country, 6.2% in the Arab countries (Jordan in particular), and 6.0% in European institutes.

If the health conditions were related to lifestyle, 68% of Palestinians aged 60 years and above suffer from chronic diseases, but only 51% of them have insurance supplement compared with 85% of the Jews. This report confirms and emphasizes   on the racial behavior made by the successive governments in dealing with the indigenous Arab population in all the fields of their lives. It also made it possible to link social and economic problems case with the original issue means the occupation caused the great Nakba and all the resulting suffering and which allows the process of Israelization of the Arab society and attempts to cancel the membership of his people and his nation.


The Arab Association for Human Rights, based in Nazareth, concentrated extensively in its latest annual report on the health conditions of the Palestinian Arabs inside Israel and highlighted the discrimination in the field of health and widening gaps between Arabs and Jews, and pointed to the differences in rates of life expectancy, and the prevalence of chronic diseases and malignant diseases. Since the relationship between health’s status of the individual and the population is generally strong and between the social situation – and the economic situation, so poverty and low culture and overcrowding in housing and unemployment lead to a higher proportion of morbidity and mortality.

Accordingly, the Arab population continues to remain less educated, (6.2% did not learn at all, 29.2% taught in primary schools did not necessarily complete their primary education, and 35.3% of them, compared to 12.9% of the Jews did not learn in high schools, while 12 % of the  Arabs have joined academic institutions, compared to 30% of the Jews)and we do not have to forget to take into account the problems of dropping out of schools, overcrowded classrooms in Arab schools than Jewish schools, and gaps in budgets and other issues, despite the high proportion of education since 1980, largely among the Arabs.
These Arabs are also the poorest, where the data from the National Insurance Institute confirm that 61.3% of the Arab families in 2006 / 7 are below the poverty line, compared with 28.7% of Jewish families. While the governmental support saves 47% of the poor Jewish families to escape the cycle of poverty, it helps only 10.6% of Arab families who are poor.


The data of the central Bureau of Statistics for 2006 demonstrate that most of the Arab towns and villages (about 85%) located in the bottom of the socio – economic development. As the total income of the Arab local authority budgets and the governmental spending is 25% of the total income of the Jewish local authority sources, the gap in the quality of services provided by local authorities of the Arab population is getting larger. The same is said with regard to the economic erosion in the government budget for education and health, including impact on vulnerable population groups and the poorest, including women and the elderly.


The Arabs constitute the highest percentage of the number of unemployed (percentage in the labor forces is low: 54.9% at age 25-54 years, compared with 82.7% among Jews). While the percentage of Arab women workers it 28%, it rises to 81.45% among Jewish women, despite the fact that Arabs are groups of young people, where 42% of them under the age of 15 years.


Density in housing is also larger among the Arabs rather than the Jews (1.43 persons per room for 0.84). The proportion of general mortality is higher among Arabs, as well as the infant mortality rate ranks in terms of equal twice of the infant Jews. This gap was widened in recent years. The main causes of death are: heart disease, malignant diseases, external injuries (accidents and injuries, including road accidents), diabetes and vascular disease in the brain. Incidence of lung cancer and breast cancer among the Arabs are growing very quickly, in addition to the detection of breast cancer in its last stages (i.e. after the exacerbation of the disease) which reduces the potentiality of recovery and survival, as well as the disease appear at an earlier age among them. The report also shows that the mortality rate of lung cancer is rising since the eighties, where between 1980 and 2000, deaths from lung cancer among the Arabs increased by 48.3% in men, and by 45.3% in women, compared to the stability of the mortality rate for the Jews, men and women. As it is well known that smoking, obesity and lack of physical activity are directly related to diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease, blood vessels, and these causes’ rates are higher among Arabs, than the Jews.


The rate of the injured Arabs in road accidents is higher than the proportion of the total population in "Israel". While the Arab Group formed an average of 20% of the total population in 2006, 25% of those injured in road accidents, and 28% of the dead were from the Arabs. The percentage of Arab children killed was 59% of all children who were killed by road accidents.

These and other findings stand out, according to the report, the fact that the successive governments failed to implement its obligations towards the Palestinians in "Israel", thus violating the International Covenant on Social and Economic Rights and Cultural Rights which it ratified in 1966. They trampled on their official obligations in the partnership agreements with the European Union.

Environmental Justice Center in the Galilee Society considers that the environmental conditions in Arab communities produce serious health risks to the population, the most important are: improper repairing of sewage, lack of clean drinking water, the spread of quarries and industrial complexes, and ignoring the chart in the Arab towns according the environmental considerations.


The Newspaper "Arab Eldakhel," revealed the largest project for extracting phosphate in the Negev, on the territory of the unrecognized village "Alfa’a" to the south of Arad, which is in an advanced stage. The company "Rotem Ambrt" which is responsible for the implementation of the project, pays every effort since 1997 to put the project into effect, where the extracted quantity of phosphate reserves are estimated at 65 million tons, valued at 100 billion shekels. But opposition from Arad mayor against the scheme prevented from directly work on the project which will completely change the features of the land and its mountains, valleys and landscapes. This village, inhabited by approximately 5000 people, people will find themselves homeless in case of initiating building the project that will devour about 13 thousand Dunums of the Arab land, as well as splitting the fine dust, which contaminates the air and expose the population to various cancerous diseases like the cancer of the lung. It will also damage the lung function especially in children and the elderly, and other risks that will lead to an increase in the number of deaths annually. Therefore, it is expected that the proportion of deaths in the city of Arad will be accounted for approximately 4,25%.



Civil resistance versus, judaizing, displacement and racism

Many people have heard about the racist attacks and acts of provocation and the threat to the security of the Arabs in Acre last year. This city, which had been practically evacuated after the catastrophe of 1948 of the majority of its population to become a city with a Jewish majority, leaving the Arab minority suffering from a difficult socio-economic neglect by the government. After the events of October 2000 in particular, the city has received many of the young families who wanted to live in because of the severe housing in the surrounding villages, the thing which prompted the state of "Israel" to intensify its activities to judaize it which entailed the burning of houses and cars of Arabs and writing racist graffiti on their homes and organizing attacks to get them out of the quarters that have a Jewish majority. This organized escalation was implied within schemes that aim at the displacement and uprooting of those Arabs, in harmony with the concept of "the racism of the state" and the plan of Judaizing the Negev and the Galilee, in addition to the failure of the police role in maintaining security when the victim is an Arab, while they are dealing with the victim as if it was the perpetrator.

All those who formed a fertile land for the recent attack on the Arabs were the former settlers from the West Bank and Gaza, and among racial groups brought from Safed and Tiberias and religious school students who combined between the learning of Torah and the military services. They live without their families in empty houses to prevent Arabs from the renting them, and armed with automatic weapons to restrict on them and terrorize them to endure them to displace places. The cause of this is their point of view that the Arabs driver their  cars in the eve of Yom Kippur, while neither the law nor the Jewish religion prevent driving during this occasion, and do not prevent the Jews like them from driving, but the Arabs only. This makes those who live in the coastal cities (Mixed) live during this occasion, a kind of curfew. This pushed the Arab MP, Abbas Zakour, who lives in Acre, to request from the Minister of Internal Security for the deployment of police patrols in anticipation of confrontation, as was the case in such an event in the previous years.

But this time, the interaction of skirmishes during three days led to burning cars and making attacks on Arab homes, shops, properties and many of them were injured, besides the arrests from the two sides. The majority of the detainees from the Jews were released after being brought to the Court, while the Arabs remained under detention. Of course, it was necessary that such incidents were used as a pretext for racial incitement against the Arabs, with many websites publicized hostile statements  which called for  putting an end for dealing with them, and even expelling them from Acre, at the time in which, the victims of these attacks insisted on releasing their prisoners, and their right to return to their homes which were destroyed, and receiving compensation for damages caused to them, and strengthening their steadfastness and ensuring their safety and to be provided material and moral supports after burning their homes and property, while the municipality of Acre and those who incited against them should apologize to them through the means of the media.

In all cases, this racist environment both the official and the popular is only an indication of what may be evolved in the situation in the foreseeable future. The Jewish consensus against the Arabs had formed an entry to attack widely the Arab presence as a whole, particularly in mixed cities, where it appears more clearly through the slogans "Death to Arabs" written on the walls of the Arab houses and public buildings, which indicates that the Arabs are only strangers for Jews in the homeland while they deny their right of this land and stress in their quest to drive them out of it.

Not far from this, the firing of the police forces on the Arab demonstrators in various parts of the country, with the start of the Intifadat Al-Aqsa and Jerusalem, who protested committing massacres in the West Bank and Gaza, the police and the Israeli security then committed a massacre against the Palestinian inside the green line and had 13 Arabs killed. Despite the evidences which proved the responsibility of the police beside the conclusions of the commission of inquiry, no file of indictments was prepared against any of them. Even the former prime minister’s response to the petition offered by a quarter of a million Palestinians who requested to trial the criminals that he did not intend to interfere in the decisions of the attorney general. The lack of enforcing the law against the murderers contributed in doubling killings by the police against the Arabs.

In all cases of accusing Jewish people of killing Arabs and tried and arrested, soon after a few years they get out of prison even though the verdict was life imprisonment, And they are not classified as security prisoners in any case and not tried at military tribunals, while the Arabs experience this whatever the degree of their crimes. They  have been subjected to unfair trials in military courts until 1996, meaning that the Arab is not as a victim as the Jew who in case of attacking him, this will be considered as an assault on security, and encourages on shedding the blood of the Arab as long as the price was high. In all cases, the Arab prisoners have to taste all the kinds of humiliation, where the successive governments have refused to improve their conditions and deal with them according to the law, or release them within the exchanges of prisoners of war or peace negotiations. The conditions of detention are also different, where the Jewish prisoners stay in cells whose doors are open and closed at night, and thus they can visit others and exchange letters to the extent that they want, and work outside the prison after a period of detention, secluding  with wives and bring what they want from newspapers, books, pamphlets and video tapes and practice worshiping in private rooms which are prepared for this purpose, and to celebrate holidays with clerics, while all these conditions are not insured for the Arab.


On the other hand, the towns and communities throughout the Arab and Palestinian land which were occupied since 1948 witness large annual activates  to commemorate the Arab character of the land like in Nazareth and Umm al-Fahm and the Negev, Sakhnin, Deir Hanna, Araba and within universities. These activates were launched ,as Muhammad Al-Abdullah explains, on the thirteen of March in 1976, the date of the rebellion and collective protest against the repression and marginalization, land confiscation and destruction of villages .One  direct cause of the blast was when the occupation authorities confiscated about 21 acres of land in the area 9 "Arrabat Al Buttof, Sakhnin, Deir Hanna" and others, for including them in the schemes of building new settlements within the policy of "Judaizing the Galilee".


In the thirty-third anniversary of Land Day on march, central and broad public processions of thousands of demonstrators marched according the activates programs of the High Follow up Committee for Arab Citizens, indicated that the issue of racism and fascism, and the need to the unitary overcoming of it, is at the preamble of the issues of "The Earth Day", that it forms existential dangers, and not just human rights only, towards the Palestinian masses in the country.


Even the Druze minority, which is commonly reported that it was close to the occupation authorities and the Israeli army and serve in it due to the law of compulsory military service (since the Druze leadership has decided to cooperate with the new state, including the servicing of young Druze in the Israeli army, where the military law, which has been applied since the establishment of the state in 1948 and until 1966, allowed to them what was not allowed to others for not going out of their towns and villages without permits from the military governor and others), and they mostly voted for Zionist parties and had three seats, even this stigma did not offer to them an intercession because some shakes of the Druze community and the M.P Said Nafaa, visited Syria two years ago, they too were exposed to a campaign of incitement and prosecution, while the Internal Security Minister sought to bring them before the court for visiting "unfriendly country".


In this regard, it is worth to paying attention to the results of a poll taken in 2008 (sample composed of 405 citizens from 18 Druze villages and cities) that modifying their attitudes and shows according the newspaper of "Hadith Alnas" that 64% of respondents oppose the military service in the Israeli army: 47.8% of them said that the relationship between the Druze and the State is not good at all, or not good. 73.2% of the participants estimated that the position of the Druze in Israel is worse than that of other Arabs and 83.3% of them considered that the position of the Druze is much worse than the situation of the Jews. The reasons for this is the confiscation of land (90.1% of respondents), followed by unemployment, and structural maps and events of Pekiah. Concerning the issue of conscription, the results showed that only the proportion of 36.1% of them supported it, while 46.6% believe that it should be voluntary and 17.3% called for repealing it totally. While the majority of participants voted in the election of the Druze candidates, the proportion of those who abstain from voting was unprecedented in this time.

Accordingly, "the danger of growing racism, as Muhammad Al-Abdullah explains, comes through the fascist laws and practices designed to crush the Palestinian Arabs in various areas of life, and targeting their presence, especially with what had been done in the past year’s events, which can be inferred from its actions by recalling what the population of the Eastern Quarter"  had been exposed to, " in the city of Acre, and, "Al-Ajmi and Nozha" in the city of Jaffa, and in "Nazareth Illit", Ledya, Ramla and Umm al-Fahm, by the fascist gangs of the right through its religious and secular sides, who are rampant in the streets of these towns, cawing and repeating what the crows of fascism  repeat like "Marzel, Ben-Ari Ben-Gvir" (Death to the Arabs), under an inclusive protection of the police and the government. "Mosawah" center has confirmed through the reports and statements issued by its supervisors, on the increasing cases of discrimination against Arabs during the year 2008 which reached to 150%."


The programmed exaggeration concerning the "demographic danger" is now interpreted effectively on the ground, for more than six decades, as wide displacement operations, associated with a permanent and systematic confiscation of the land. The on going Campaign of building the new settlements is not confined to the West Bank and Jerusalem and the Golan Heights alone, but affects regions of the Galilee and the Triangle and the Negev, and through a policy of comprehensive restricting on the Arab towns and villages, by cramming "more proportion of the Arabs on less land area. The Palestinian land is subjected to a permanent confiscation, at a time of increasing indigenous owners of the land. The Israeli occupation authorities have established more than one hundred towns and cities to the invaders on the ruins of one hundred and thirty Palestinian villages and cities.


Despite this, the Arabs as citizens are still practicing their rights while it is supposed to be equal before the law, even though the last word is the word of the "Israeli authorities, although it violated applicable laws, the Citizenship imposed on the Palestinians in "Israel" is possible the formula to stay in their homeland and protect what remains of it from the conversion to the Jewish identity, as Ameer Makhoul the chief of the public Committee for the Defense of Freedoms says. While the results of the elections in Israel do not substantially affect the status of the different Israeli groups even if the priorities of the Government changed, while the removal of the legitimacy of the Palestinian Arab masses presence in their homeland is a subject of electoral debate. The Legislative elections in "Israel" is not a representative authority of the Arab masses or the political supervision over them, but that the position is controversial and is not unanimous. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the foundations of self-organization of the Palestinian society through not only the follow-up committee in the Knesset, but the contribution of all sectors and institutional frameworks and partisan civil, municipal and student movement organizations, such as the public Committee for the Defense of Freedoms and the follow-up Commission for the issues of prisoners of freedom and the campaign against the civil services and others. The fact that the authority of the elected MP is his party, which represents his party’s platform and his interests and vision and not the Arab masses or the follow-up Commission.


A Form of anti-Palestinian civil society in active violation of its rights is presented in "Adala" center activity consisting of a number of lawyers who are working to bring lawsuits or appeals to the competent authorities against violations inflicted upon the Arabs. They sometimes succeed in obtaining some of the issues, although many of the Arab minority in the Jewish state do not give confidence to the justice system and the judiciary in Israel and do consider it as a partner in committing repression and justifying the State crimes. The Examples that we took from the center’s files and which we quote here, just to shed a light not only on the quality of the work of these lawyers, but also other forms of violations against the Palestinian layers inside the Green Line.

"Adala" for example, moves against the proposed law of citizenship for the sake of not get it ratified, because it can permit to the Israeli authorities cancel the citizenship of those who breach the loyalty to the State of Israel." Breaching this loyalty is to carry out a terrorist act (as defined in the Financing of Terrorism law in 2005), facilitating or participating in a terrorist organization, or being charged with treason according to the criminal law or doing dangerous spy and then the charged obtain citizenship or permanent residence in: Iran, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Sudan, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and the Gaza Strip. The Citizenship and Entry to "Israel" law which was issued since 2000, and defined as "a matter of an hour is" or a temporary law, has been extended eight times. It prevents almost completely prevent the reunification of the Arab families ,especially when one spouse lives of the occupied territories or in one of the hostile countries ,and thus the Arabs will be prevented to get any legal status in "Israel" and enjoying their right in a family life within their own country. It can also take citizenship away of someone who is not related t another nationality in contravention with the provisions of international law, through presenting secret evidences in a special meeting cancel his citizenship. This is considered as a violation of the instructions of the laws of evidences and circumstantial evidences and a serious violation to the rights of the others in having fair procedure.


The Israeli Parliament approved in July 2008 in votes of 21 against 8 to extend the validity of the Citizenship and Entry into "Israel" law for an additional year until July 2009. In spite of the Supreme Court’s decision in 2006, which considered that the law is unconstitutional, and is unconditional which demands the state to give an interpretation of its decision not to repeal the law. It had been previously approved in March 2007 a further extension of the law, expanded in its text to prevent the reunion of the citizens of "enemy states", namely Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Iran, and anyone who lives in an area from which military operations are launched and cause a threat to the security "of Israel" and its citizens. This is measured according to what is being dictated by the Israeli security council. The Gaza Strip was added to the list in early July 2008. The Israeli interior minister’s decision in 5/5/2009 (Eli Yishai), was just a mere start procedure through repealing the citizenship of four Arabs inside the green line, and to proceed to the implementation of Amendment No. 9 to the Citizenship law. The Amendment is applied only on the Palestinian Arabs, as the Jewish are automatically granted the right to immigrate to "Israel" and a citizenship in an entity known as the Jews and the Jewish state.

The Adala center beholds that the State deals with the Palestinians, the dwellers of the occupied territories and Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Iran as terrorists. "This is a racial classification was put as being considered as the nature of the residents and the citizens of the Arab and Islamic countries". Whereas there is no other country in the world prevent any people from his rights in living a family life because of their national or ethnic origins.


Since the enactment of certain laws in the Hebrew State is sometimes associated with the mood of the Jewish community, some of which are proposed and endorsed as a revenge from the Palestinians because of their political positions. Based on this, another item was add to the Law of the Knesset, barring any list or candidate shows support verbally or actively for the armed struggle against Israel from participating in Knesset elections. After the second Israeli war on Lebanon in summer 2006, and because of the situation of the Palestinian community in "Israel" towards it, the Knesset approved in late June 2008 on the proposed law to prevent those who visited an inimical country without the permission of the Minister of Interior from standing him self for the Knesset elections for a period of seven years where this visit is being interpreted as a support for the armed struggle against the Jewish state. But these countries whether the Arab or the Islamic ones, combine families, in particular, that are related to the 48 Arabs and sometimes they are relatives of the first degree. Subsequently, the Arab MPs Mohammed Baraka condemned this law saying: This is a terrorist law in every sense of the word.. a visit to relatives can not be considered as a visit aims to support terrorism Said Nafaa in his turn has appealed against this before the Supreme Court.



This procedure is considered as institutionalization to the political persecution against Arabs inside, and a practical effort to establish an additional Israeli wall of separation between the relationships of these Palestinian and Arab connections. This political persecution, which has became an Israeli systemic official institution in dealing with the Arab citizens, pointing to the escalation of the repressive practices against the overall categories of the Arab citizens and the on going attempts to  remove the legitimacy of Arab political activates at home.


On another hand, we see the responses of "Adala" center against the submitted application to the Central Election Commission to write off the United Arab List and the Arab Movement for Change and preventing them from competing in the previous elections, under the pretext that the members of the list are supporting terrorism through their support by traveling to hostile countries to Israel, putting in consideration that it was the largest Arab list submitted to the last session of the Knesset. It calls for the adherence to the democratic principles to resolve the Palestinian issue and recognizing the right of the Palestinian people for freedom and self-determination, through the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel in the June 1967 borders in line with the United Nations resolutions in this regard.


The response Was based on the deposal of the Chairman of the list, Sheikh Ibrahim Sarsour, who pointed out the “principles of the list and its hard work in the Knesset over the years concerning the rights of the Arab citizens and the policy of discrimination against them in the civic and social issues such as education, health and social welfare, economy, infrastructure and services, religious and waqf property and others, as well as the work of the members in raising issues of concern to the social justice, which belong to the all citizens of the State”. The response included that “the members of the Consolidated List of Change and Arab list were partners in the formulation of 170 proposed laws in different legislative stages. Among the laws enacted and they were the initiators of the proposals are: the law which regulating the health professions work (2008) and the District Councils Ordinance (legal advice) (2007), which aims to control the work of the local authorities and the Abolition of the integration of the local authorities in the villages of Shagoor area and Caramel (2008). The proposals of the laws that are still under discussion, and they are many, but the most important ones are: proposing the law of the basic civil participation and equality for the Arabs, and the proposal of the Basic Law related to The right of housing, and the discount of tax law proposal for academics (2006) and the proposal of the day of equality and anti racism (2008). "The response add that" the adoption of the applicant on the partial quotes from newspapers and Web sites and putting these quotations out of its context indicates that the motive behind these applications is political one, designed to change the constitutional right of the representatives of the party and the public voters.”


After the appeal presented by the Center on behalf of the two lists, the Supreme Court decided on 21 December 2009 the cancellation of the decision of the Central Election Commission concerning the prevention of joining the elections. The director of the center responded that the main demand is “the abolition of Item 7 – A of the basic law of The Knesset, which permits preventing any list from contesting the elections if there had been any political posing in its program or its leaders had composed words or deeds that opposed the definition of the State of Israel as a “Jewish and democratic”, where that item had become as a tool in the hands of the Israeli right to incite against the Arab citizens and Arab parties.”


In a previous subject, where the Knesset had canceled  in November 2001 the immunity of MP Azmi Bishara to stand before the trial because of his political  speech while this precedent was the first of its kind, but the center has succeeded when it made a petition on behalf of MP at the beginning of 2006 to the Supreme Court which approved on the validity of parliamentary immunity of Bishara after his political speeches in Umm al-Fahm (June 2000) and Qardahah in Syria (June 2001)and refused the list of accusation against him on charges of providing support to terrorist organization. The fact that supporting the terrorist organizations crime is broadly defined in the law Israel, but it must be mentioned that Bishara is still a wanted man, while the occupying power is still trying to criminalize his political career. Many members of the National Democratic Alliance including minors, had been summoned for questioning. They were interrogated about their relationship with Bishara, and they were asked not to contact him, because according to the allegations by the Shin Bet, this forms a criminal violation. They also asked others to sign a pledge stating that Dr. Bishara "is required to questioning because of his relationship with Hezbollah", and that any contact with him could lead to the recruitment of militants in Hezbollah.



Political persecution

the Arab Association for Human Rights pointed out the subject of political persecution to the national movement and the leaders of the Arab minority in Israel, which had been intensified since the Palestinian uprising, within political campaign of violations to their rights of a representative legitimacy to terrorize them and guarantee their silence, all this had been done during a situation marked in general deterioration after the events of September 2001 and the exploitation of the U.S. administration and its allies who are covered by its sponsorship to these events to reap political gains and dominate power over the opponents. In "Israel" George W. Bush justified the policy of repression and racial discrimination against the Palestinian due to the legitimacy of the war against terrorism, or what he called “the right of legitimate defense”, as was expressed by the lawyer Hussein Abu Hussein.


So these violations reflected the attacks of the police and security unites against the representatives of the Arab minority and the Arab MKs, including physical attacks through hitting them with truncheons through their protests and firing them with teargas or rubber bullets from nearby locations after identification of their identities. As a result, some of were brought for treatment in hospitals, while no punitive procedures were taken against the attackers, this , this is actually considered as  additional discrimination compared to the soft manner  of dealing with the members of the extremist right-wing Jewish parties. Added to this, the punitive measures to restrict the movement of the important Arab persons and the investigations which had been made against them and accusing them of visiting the occupied areas and the hostile states and carrying on agitation by political statements and speeches, and even when they (The Arab) providing audio recordings that would discredit the police and close the file, the policeman never tried on his allegations. This is being done in the context of harming the legitimacy of these Arab representatives before the Jewish groups and the judicial system and prevent them from carrying out their tasks, especially the confrontation to the military occupation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and the work for an independent Palestinian state with the rest of their people and the Arab peoples.


They have also accused of the responsibility for inciting protesters at the beginning of the uprising in 2000 and killing 13 Arabs by the police. The Or Commission which was tasked with investigating of the crime behaved out of the ordinary by directing warnings and accused some of the Arab responsible leaders. This was developed to laws to prevent the nomination of some figures and parties from participating in elections, because of their refusal to the Jewish state and because they consider its being as a denial of the Arab minority from the majority of its rights, while this can be evolved to criminalize and jail them due to these accusations. It should be noted that the attorney general of the Israeli government plays a very negative role in this regard, while the Zionist parties have submitted applications to the Election Commission to cancel the legitimacy of the Arab parties.


If this was the reality of what being done to the Arab MKs in the Knesset, how much more when it is being done to the national leaders who resist the Israeli policies in relation to their status as a minority in their homeland? they, of course, are being subjected to all forms shutting mouths  policies and strangulation and intimidation, repression and persecution, raids and arrests while these deeds committed by the security authorities in these racially discriminatory practices are based on the emergency regulations which were inherited from the British occupation in Palestine by fabricating scenarios and allegations allows to it  issuing travel bans orders, and sometimes the accusing of  dealing with a foreign agent and sometimes affect anther prevention to visit the occupied areas in 1967 and communicating with families. Beside this taking the passports and the arbitrary executions against the Palestinian activists and leaders of the political and civil parties and movements, and issuing orders to prevent detainees from visiting their families or their advocators and subjecting them to torture cruel humiliation.



The pretext of maintaining "state security" allows to holder of authority  of accusing them of  joining to an inimical organization  or to political activity which is prohibited, even if the basis for that undertaking a demonstration or raising the Palestinian flag or protesting  a visit by an Israeli official to an Arab town, as it happened in the town of Sakhnin, for example, when Moshe Katsav has visited it (at the time when he was the president of the Jewish state and he is now being tried on charges of sexual abuse of female employees under his command), or a few months ago when the Chairman of the Arab students council  the at Hebrew University refused shaking hands with Shimon Peres when he visited the university saying "I do not have the honor to shake hands with the killer of children". This led to the withdrawal of his student’s card from him and attacking him in his room and ordered him to evacuate it and threatened to banish him from completing his education. It is naturally to say that this student represents a significant group of young men and women inside Palestine, opposed by anther group which is not involved in what’s going for its people under the occupation by its integration into the system, which grew in its shade or enticed to improve the living conditions adhered to the conditions required from them.



The Infringements touched also the leaders of the Islamic movement where they have been subjected to dozens of raids and repeated arrests, unfair trials and, in particular, Sheikh Raed Salah. They had been subjected to other campaigns which have also been inciting against them in the media despite not proving any evidence against them. The situation had been developed to closing the Al-Aqsa Foundation and empting it of its contents and archives which are very precious, after throwing a bomb at Sheikh Salah during a press conference where he unveiled a new operations within the plan to take over Aqsa Mosque. In the process of ensuring communication between the Palestinians in side Israel with Al-Aqsa Intifada, the Islamic movement (as explained in more detail in a previous report we prepared on the Judaizing of Jerusalem) moved daily convoys carrying thousands of the Palestinians from the Galilee and the Triangle and the Negev and from the coast to Jerusalem. It also created a material and moral solidarity between the Palestinians of the Green Line and thousands of orphans in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. But the occupation authorities which were very worried from the Palestinian minority inside Israel who help the people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, take advantage of the mood of the "war on terrorism" that contributed in stoking it to link between civil and political movements and between armed resistance movement, based on the perceptions and assumptions only, and without reference to any evidence or legal argument.


In this regard, the Israeli police do not ignore to conduct investigations and arrests of the leaders and activists from the civil society movements. There is no difference if they are Muslims or Christians, religious or secular, from the right or the left. An example of the practices of intimidation and racism which are directed against the Palestinian activists is the Secretary-General of "Abna’ El Balad" movement, Mohammed Kanaana, and the secretary and editor of "Al jeel Aljadid" magazine Mrs. Sahar Abdu, who have told me about the conditions of their detention and torture. The movement of Abna’ El Balad, which organized summer camps for decades for hundreds of children, and political and cultural festivals focused on education and national identity, has been closed. This happened after a television documentary program which on the activity of raising the slogan of the right of return for refugees and displaced persons, and the claim of the press was then as an incitement to train children to become "martyrs, as well as the condemnation of the Palestinian Central follow-up Committee of abandoning the Israeli national consensus, where disagreements stand out as everywhere in Israel among different parties. And just when, for example, the  Association for the Defense of the Rights of the immigrants organized the  demonstration  of return to the village of Sforea, the police, backed by a counter-demonstration to the Israeli right-wing parties and settlers committed bloody attack on the march, and provoked the demonstration’s organizers by bringing them for questioning and charge them  of inflicting damage to the public property and raising the banned flags, and abusing the Arab journalists and detaining them.


Since about a month before the date of publication of this report, the young people of the National Democratic Alliance are still being subjected to campaigns of eavesdrop on phone calls and monitoring e-mails, raids, searches and lengthy and intense investigation by the Shin Bet security services and the unit of the international investigation of the police. The charges against some of them while they are under arrest are like "contact with a foreign agent" and "provide information to the enemy" and “conspiracy to commit a crime”.


Before and after the massacres of Gaza, the university students in the territories of the Green Line protested and demanded of the cessation of these crimes. The were faced vulgarly by the security and the academic institution through the policy of shutting mouths and holding back the freedom of expression and the right of holding demonstrations. While intensifying this against Arab students at the University of Haifa, the Jewish parties were allowed to demonstrate and to operate normally without condemnation of "disturbing the public order” without the interference of hundreds of heavily armed special forces to the campus. Many the Palestinian students were chased and their activities were freezed and tens of them were arrested, and prevented from collecting funds. These Attacks culminated in the submission of indictments list against five of them under the pretext of doing incitement and creating chaos and organizing an illegal demonstration that the university has refused to release them to demonstrate. There were also trials of discipline against the students. The Committee of the defense of freedoms and committee of following up of the issues of prisoners considered that the Israeli civil institution and in particular the academic departments represented by universities, particularly the University of Haifa, as well as the media institution were an arm of the arms of aggression. The roles between the judiciary and the police and Shin Bet were in coordination which was very easy for them to obtain the decisions of detention, particularly against the young people under the age of 18.


This may call for the risk of causing a rift among the Palestinians, or be (the Palestinians) classified as extremists and moderates by the effect of expanding the frame of prosecutions and the project of the civil service. Tens of the leaders of the political parties and movements were called by telephone calls to meeting with the Shin Bet, and was misled by telling them that they must come according to the law. The investigators had threatened during these meetings the leaders of the parties and movements of the criminal responsibility for any contravention of the law by any person belonging to their party or movement, and asked them to convey these instructions to their members, and even to prevent by themselves the activists from any “breach of the public order” while this  mobilized everyone in supporting the detainees, and counting their numbers, and defending for their release and to close their files as well as  publishing a guide  brochure on the rights of the detainees and how face the investigations due to the fact that the issue is not confined to them, but it is political responsibility of all the frameworks of the national leadership. These regional initiatives and the public committees had to be as militant tools to continue even after the cessation of aggression, in order to meet any escalation in the light of the expected negative effects of future.



The Shin Bet security threats, which affect the right of the Arab Citizens Organization and to demonstrations and expressing their opinions, are in fact contrary to the Criminal law, which considers the personal responsibility and does not force any person to "meet" with the Shin Bet. As well as to the illegality of these investigations stems, as The Center of Adala beholds, as the fact that the Shin Bet men do not identify themselves legally, and never tell those who are under investigation that they are suspected or accused or the nature of the charges which are against them, or they are being questioned as witnesses or not, in addition to not telling them of their rights during the process of investigations, and not documenting the investigation, although the law requires it. The Shin Bet and the police do not have the authority to arrest and then investigate to collecting information or deterrence to participate in legal political activity. Also, the investigation is illegal because of its content, as it is centered in the political activity of those who have been summoned for interrogation while it is a legal activity, and were asked to mention the subject of the civil service.

Here is an example of the Shin Bet security service investigations with one of those who were summoned during the events in Gaza. After receiving the phone call he did not reply their demand, a man was sent to the Office of Ameer Makhoul the Union of Societies "Ittijah", and asked him to accompany him to the Center of the secret police without showing a warrant. There , he was asked to give his personal details, and was prevented using his Mobile which has been taken from him later, subsequently he was subjected to  full-body search, and then the papers which were with him were photocopied before being subjected to the investigation by  a Shin Bet official, who asked him about his address and car and the countries he visited and what he had done in them, to start after this  directing obscene language, and provocative words and threats and warnings in case if he continued to opposing and supporting the resistance against the security of the state and inciting the young people and issuing statements and passing the red lines, ending with the accusation of being a terrorist and hostile to the state in the war while his file is ready and he may expected to enter a new prison, reminding him as if he had not possessed the blue identity, he would have been sent to Gaza Strip.

During a previous festival to the Arabs, one of the participants said: "..The campaign of the political persecution by the Shin Bet is anew step to create a new reality in which to break the national will of the Palestinian youth .. and weaken our resistance and our ability to resist the Zionist project .. to branding us as moderate or Israelied, and extremist or a national Palestinian person. This campaign targets our self-construction, and our national affiliation, and our interdependence with the rest of the organic parts of the Palestinian people and the Arab peoples.. we should be ready, because today the vast political persecution against the national forces would expand if Israel decided to escalate its aggression against our people and our region. We have to realize that we live in the country of  the organized political crime which are imposed on every thing which called Palestinian, including the process of whitening the crimes to pretend as a victim state portraying its victims as if they were criminals .. this is the Israeli approach in each location inside the West Bank and Gaza Strip and refugee camps .. and this is the approach of the official and unofficial Israeli through its ruling institutions, security, judicial and media .. they are all partners in the integration of the criminal enterprise .. our relationship of the Palestinian, Arab, Islamic and international arena is a right, and their  is invalid .. we have no right to be surprised by any repressive measures, but we are required to be ready for any challenge. We are asked of what we call the world for, by launch a pre-emptive campaign to boycott Israel and delegitimize its global nature and repressive colonial racist entity and protect our existence"


Monitoring Tools

There is no doubt that such a system depends on the Tools of espionage and spying is very strong and widespread within and outside its borders, in order to control economic, military and cultural development, thus influencing the international political decision. The former chief of the Israeli Intelligence branch Shlomo Gazit says," the accurate intelligence information had always given the Israeli army the ability to strike with a swift blow the Arab armies and the Palestinian resistance movements.

The intelligence branch for outside missions, "Mossad" was given the authority to Confront the threat posed by jihadist movements across the world and the Iranian nuclear program against "Israel", and gathering information on the Arab states, especially those with which it has peace treaties, where there is no  confidence  of maintaining the  compliance of such treaties: "We must not sleep during custody, the peace treaty with Egypt is not an insurance policy," said Lieberman, while Eitan Haber, the author of books on the intelligence careers says "it should distribute its agents in all important institutions in the Arab world to obtain information upon which military and political decisions could be made. Further work against the Palestinian resistance movements is very important goal to the intelligence branch due to its proximity to the depth of Israel". The leaders of the "Shin Bet" boasted in their ability to recruit agents to fight the insurgency, where some vital information can not be obtained but only through human resources, as Avi Dichter the former head of the intelligence institution confirms.

Through a research in his website, Saleh Alanaami mentions the statements of some officials of the intelligence agencies in "Israel" concerning the modalities of their work, where we grasp that the citizens of the defeated party are willing to cooperate with the victorious. And this requires the exploitation of the material, economic and emotional needs of the losers as points of weakness. Especially that the totalitarian regimes in the Arab world are important factors in reducing the sense of the national participation and the willingness to cooperate with "Israel" as matter of protest. It is noted   that as long as the educational level of the individual got, higher the process of recruiting him will be more difficult, and that religious faith with the Arabs and the Palestinians is a protective shield and reduces the willingness to deal with Israeli intelligence. After determining the identity of persons from sensitive positions, whether in security, political or strategic installations, the Mossad sends some persons to lure them into contact, and mostly depends on womanly elements. It had launched several pages on the Internet, where men enter and chatting while are impersonated in the character of a girl to lure those who become agents after photographing them in shameful conditions and put pressure on them to a choice between being agents or expose them to scandals.

But there are still traditional tools to lure those agents where their presence as Alnaamy mentions, disturbs the confidence of the Palestinians of their issue and found the internal strife among them, and get them away from resistance.

These tools are also kinds of pressure through granting permissions to work or treatment or permissions to travel abroad to visit or completing education, the fact that this subject is concerned with the approval by the occupation authorities. It is will known since the early seventies to the Palestinian national movement captives in the Israeli jails the item "Birds" or the spies who are detained by the Israeli intelligence and let them in the cells with resistance men to lure them to make confessions during interrogation. The spies have played an important role in supporting settlements projects in the West Bank and the occupied Jerusalem, where the Palestinian brokers falsified documents of land belonging to the Palestinians who are absent or dead, and then sold these plots to the Jewish associations. These processes are related directly to the "Shin Bet", which will be the focus of this report.

The Shin Bet, or the General Security Service, was founded in 1949, while its activities were announced only in 1957 is (depending on what was published by Samih Khalaf in this regard). It is one of three Israeli security services and the smallest and the most dangerous due to its relation to the internal affairs and the fight against resistance factions. It is so close to the Zionist decision-makers as it follows the Israeli Cabinet Office directly, and its president is the real ruler in all aspects of policy towards the Palestinians inside the green line.

When Yuval Diskin was appointed as the head official in the Shin Bet in May 15, 2005, the Israeli media made a rare attention given to this matter. He has worked in Nablus governorate 30 years ago in the of an alias name, where he was fluent in classical Arabic, and reached to dismantle the military organization of the Fatah movement in 1983. He was the former of the theory of targeting killings, which enabled him to murder members and leaders who were active in the resistance movements through information which he obtained from the spies deployed in the occupied territories. He succeeded to persuade the head of the Mossad Meir Dagan, of the necessity of adopting the policy of the Shin Bet in the prosecution of the activists and militants of the Palestinian revolution, and the head of the Mossad then declared about the need for the physical liquidation of the Islamic militants in the world. Commenting on the involvement of Hamas in the political life and joining the legislative elections, he said, Israel will face difficulties in implementing the policy of assassinations against Hamas political unit as it did against Hamas military persons due the lack of justifications for this. In early May 2008, after the Egyptian side declaration concerning the reaching to a near truce, he called upon the members of the Israeli governmental Security Council to reject the truce because it serves the interests of Hamas. He said that he could not understand how does Israel call the whole world not to negotiate with Hamas, at the same time send two senior officials to Cairo on Mondays and Thursdays for negotiating the leaders of Hamas.

For dealing specifically with the Palestinians of 48, the newspaper "Maariv" on 13/3/2007 pointed out that Mr Diskin told the Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that the Arab minority forms a threat to Israel, accompanying his posing by a plan drawn up by the "Shin Bet" and carried out by the political parties and religious authorities and the Jewish media whose essence was the incitement against the Palestinians. This agitation resulted from a hostile position against the Arabs of 48 showed by a questionnaire that more than 40% of the Jews demanding to prevent the Palestinians from participating in the political life, and 64% consider that 48 Palestinians are subjecting the security of their state to danger because of the high birth rate they have.

Another questionnaire published after the period of 1 / 4 / 2008, shows that 75% of the Israeli people support the deportation of 48 Palestinians as a permanent solution. The Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert held a closed meeting with the head of the Shin Bet on "the Arab minority in Israel and decline their solidarity with the State and the growing radical forces and the inherent risk to it." The report of the Shin Bet in this meeting about the growing support for the Palestinian Arabs in Israel to the terrorists and Iran, Hezbollah and to the other organizations which do not confess of the legitimacy of the existence of Israel as a Jewish state." It also warned against what it regarded as "the phenomenon of the future vision documents that are all too recently in the Arab citizens of Israel," saying: "There are four documents of this type, common to them is beholding Israel as a state for all its citizens and not as a Jewish state”.

On the basis of certain judiciary laws in general ,the Israeli security services are working to criminalize any act of charity, and not just political ,and prosecute any person inside Israel makes relations with the Palestinian or the Arab sides considering this act as  an act of terrorism or a support for terrorism. In the absence of the sufficient evidence to support their claims, they hide behind the announcement of the existence of secret evidence which can not be detected but only to the judge far away from the accused and his advocators. At the same time, the media grabs these charges against this person and deal with them as facts, and then turns to accusing against the group as a whole. Tens of charges and investigations rose around and then faded due to the lack of a real evidence. But the stigma remained outstanding on the Arabs of Palestine in the attempts to delegitimize the political and charitable work.

The Shin Bet security is working on the luring the Arab young people through the Web sites, correspondence and communication and monitoring the e-mail. The free movement of information has revealed the existence of secret annexes of contracts of the executive authority with Mobile companies, including permitting the ISA to eavesdrop on calls of people who are wanted and discovering their places and collect information about them and their interlocutors. This is what happens also with the networks and the Internet and airline El Al and all the institutions that serve the interests of the security constitution, including the educational institutions and other racist economic foundations which enables the head of the Shabak to activate his threats by using undemocratic methods in the face of those who appose the Jewish state.

The Allegations of the Israeli democracy

Arabs in "Israel" have become an entity under danger, especially after the head of the Israeli intelligence office defined it in early in the early of2007 as a strategic threat to the Israeli national security and then the head of the Shin Bet recommended that the Government should pay special attention to the Arabs. The political persecution, which seemed to be a target at this stage, is a strategy to weaken the structure of this component part of the Palestinian people, and to fragment its participation with the Palestinian issue as well as with its Arab, Islamic and international levels. It’s a plan to besiege the Arabs inside Israel in the equation of loyalty to Zionism and not to the homeland. The criterion of this loyalty is the acceptance of the aspect of Israelization and the Israeli civil service and to be anti-struggles among the Palestinian people and its resistance to the occupation, and then accept detailing them between moderates and extremists, and the imposition of an alternative leadership to accept the Jewishness of the state, and forget the right of return, and ignore the suffering of the prisoners of war and, and turn their backs to the crimes of Israel in Gaza and the West Bank and Judaizing Jerusalem, and accept the liquidation of the rights of the people at home and abroad and uprooting them from their land thorough a growing process of ethnic eradication. All of this will not be faced without a price, where the challenges facing them seem the most dangerous. Therefore, the all behold them selves required to accumulate and organize forces to protect their rights and their presence from targeting.



The report of the Arab Center for the Applied Social studies (MADA Alkarmel) since 2002 the treatment of Israel and the Israeli society with the Palestinians, and documenting the policies and laws that affect their civil and political and legal status. This documentation raises questions about the major allegations of the Israeli democracy which is not new, but it lasts since 1984, but it became more critical since the Al-Aqsa Intifada in 2000. Since that date it was added to the low status of the Palestinians, namely, the real threat to their citizenship.

The question that comes after this posing, can Israel be classified as a democratic state as it is stated by those propagandists, including Western and sometimes even the rightful aspects? The answer is if the democratic systems of governance ensures the equality of citizens before the law and enable the minority of embodying their rights and achieve their demands, it is clear that the obligation of the Israeli State towards Judaism and Zionism hamper these demands, as lecturer at the University of Haifa As’ad Ghanem beholds. But it should be defined as a ethnocratic in that it gives the minority a partial equality and engage them in a limited way in the political, economic, social and media fields. And that under a policy of continuous and constant control and oversight, which guarantee the preservation of the dominance of the majority and marginalizing the minority. In ethnocratic system, as the author explains, the dominant ethnic group, is the group which controls the state as a whole. On that basis, the distribution of resources and capabilities are being a gradual of  ethnocratic process of policies under a state of chronic instability like  the immigration policy, the Law of Return, Judaizing the territories, and to give religion a central role, and monitoring the financial flows for the benefit of the Jewish communities, the dominance of Hebrew culture in all public areas, and other evidences and expressions put big question marks about the apartheid system in every sense of the word.

When the idea of adopting an amendment to the Basic Law of the Knesset was posed in 1985, during the politics of the denial of the existence of a Palestinian national list of candidates and the prohibition of a list which does not explicitly confess of the state of Israel as the state of the Jewish people, there were suggestions from two MPs of the list of the Progressive Democratic Front for Peace and Equality call for issuing a law to confirm that Israel is a “state of the Jewish people and its Arab citizens”. However, this proposal dropped by the decisive majority while this keeps the Arabs in non-defined position Ghanem adds, as well as their sense of injustice and the impossibility to be in the same rank with the symbols of the state in which they are citizens.

As well as at the constructive level, the Arabs feel that they are excluded from the institutions considered completely Jewish, and serve both Jewish Israeli goals and not all the Israeli citizens of Israel. The means of exclusion are many, including: exclusion from decision-making centers, and non-employment in high positions, and the existence of private institutions dealing with their affairs, and the discrimination against them in the corporation of media, and prejudice against them in the education system, in addition to the executive discrimination at the level of laws, budgets and distribution of land, and development plans and more. For example, Israel did not even confess till today of a large number of the Arab villages (known as unrecognized villages ‘B’). It also did not provide their people with any services, and hindered the appointment of local authorities, while when it permitted, it has exercised a blatantly unfair persecution to their rights in comparison with the Jewish local authorities. It is known that Israel sees of the Palestinians as an Arab "enemy" and has the potentiality for being "fifth column". The Internal Security Minister Gideon Ezra has described them as the major calamity when he said: "There are Arab citizens in Israel, this is our great calamity. Get rid of Gaza, get rid of Judea and Samaria, will remain the biggest catastrophe." Some researchers have made image that the Arabs in "Israel" accept the Jewish character of the Zionist state which is against their presence, but it was drafted in the security services to continue to control them and separate them from the rest of the categories of the Palestinian people.

When the community supports the policy of this ethnic State towards the minority group, it will be a support that guarantees the continuation of the states’ work and approach to ensure its stability and continuity while this indicates the difficulty which will face the minority in changing its status. However, the increasing awareness of their situation and the maturity of their visions with the accumulation of experience and knowledge should lead progressively to search for solutions and find the exit. This approach promotes the conviction that continued disregard for the aspirations by the majority to the minority in response to the minority desires can only be drawn up in trouble which can not be solved.

The last elections (2009) were even the strangest since the occupation of the land in 1948, as seen by Raja Aghbarieh the Chairman of (Abnaa Elbalad) Movement, “where it happened the day after the end of the criminal Zionist aggression on the Gaza Strip, which reflected repercussions among the Arabs directly to the awakening of a comprehensive national anti-Zionism.. Now we are a Palestinian nationalist group, compared to a Jewish-Zionist majority which is clear in its plans towards our future in our homeland, describing us in  the best cases that we are a cancer in the body of the Jewish state, demographic bomb, or a fifth line and agents and not loyal to the state .. We have won at this stage, and get red the Zionism from our innermost, but now the battle is ahead to break away from structural, political, and cultural israelisation  / or developing alternatives, and begin to act as a national group, has elected institutions, ranging from the High Follow up Committee for the Arab Citizens" (the representative body of the Palestinians of 48). This victory also as Aghbarieh sees was over the misleading reality resulted by the racial discrimination policy (official and public), and the conversion of Israel to apartheid state, so the legal and political differences will disappear gradually between the 48 and the West Bank and Gaza by the Israeli official side firstly. The misleading reality is the difference which is not actually existed between the parties of the right and left when it comes to the Palestinian cause in general, or the exercise of a racial discrimination against the Arabs in “Israel”.

”The extremist Right-wing, calls directly to erase the resistance in Gaza, and to complete control over the West Bank and the displacement of the Palestinians inside Israel to the West Bank or to the Arab countries, on the basis whether to accept loyalty to Israel and the Jewish Zionism in all fields, including service in the Israel or expulsion out of  the land of Israel!. While the extinct left had expelled the Palestinian people in 1948, and completed the occupation of Palestine in 1967 and fought in all the wars of Israel against the Arab countries and committed all the massacres against the Palestinians and, most recently the Gaza holocaust. It carried on all the programs of mascaras and transfer which the right had called for… the most extreme right has always been honest about its plans and its hostility towards each conflict, while the left had been able to deceive the Arabs and the world through the calls of "peace", while it has always established the policy of murder, deportation and installing the Zionist settlement project on the land of Palestine leaving the right screaming that this is not enough".

Aghbarieh concludes that "the Zionist parties which won elections specified that the main contradiction in the Zionist-Palestinian conflict moved from the Arab-Israeli conflict .. to us within the" green line "We are the main contrast to the Zionist state. This was the selection of the officials who must have plans conspiracy to carry out these projects when they create conditions for this .."

If the Israel image was shaken by its corrupted politicians and its ethical scandals, beside the image of its invincible army during ten years, three times in succession, despite its great distinction against some fighters who do not have the means of defense except  their faith in their life, land, and justice of their cause, so will Israel be able to continue to impose as previously unknown conditions or that its critical status would make it to flee to the principle of "upon me and upon my enemies” ?

Some information has come out concerning issuing a secret report to the "CIA" taking into account the objective data for the political, economic and social future of the state of Israel. Among the psychological data that have been adopted in the report is the concern of many of the "Israelis" who are eager to live safely and are sad about the extent in which has Zionism fallen, especially since most of them have a U.S. passport and titillated by the idea of returning to the United States, where three hundred thousand of five hundreds thousands came from California. The report records the high rate of requests for passports from the European and American authorities. It also refers to the same feelings and dreams of one million and a half million of Jews who came from Russia and it expects the migration of two million Jews from Israel in the future during a decade and a half. It is a significant figure in view of the 2007 census which shows that out of the seven million-odd population in the Jewish state, there are five millions and four hundred thousands of Jews are still in Israel out of seven millions, considering the low proportion of births to 2.8 children per Jewish woman in Israel compared to 3.7 for the Palestinian woman.

Therefore, this document considers that resolving such crisis comes only by the one-state solution instead of the two-state solution and the return of refugees who have been displaced from their land in 1948 and 1967 as a condition for lasting peace in this region or the policy of apartheid which is similar to what known in South Africa as it being of the basis of Zionism, which is based on discrimination against the other on the basis of ethnic, religious doctrines which deny their rights to enjoy justice and imposing  the policy of violence and cancellation against the Palestinian people for sixty years as a barrier in the face  reaching the desired peace.


The which is established on true basis appears that it frightens the Israeli political officials. Till today there is no one of them has the ability to face the Israeli general opinion and take over the responsibility for making bold decisions. As well as the majority of public opinion in Israel which suffers from a sense of superiority complex while it feels of inviolable impunity against the punishment for the crimes they committed against the Palestinians, and not prepared to pay a bill of peace. But the general opinion in Israel can be changed if it found a leader who follow a wise policy rather than the reckless policy and racism, at least to save the Jews in "Israel" before the Palestinians could regain their right and live in a country including multiple ethnicities and religions like the other human beings in the countries. The responsibility also lies with the governments of the Western world that have not yet found a need to help the people of this region out of the vicious circle of self-interest that made them policies entangled in.

The world is in large part at least see the truth, especially after the crimes committed by Israel in Gaza. So that many of the Jews of the world openly are not willing to be considered as those killers in Israel who take over political and military positions and believe that the logic of power will prevail over the logic of right and law. The question is how will the people of this entity beside the vicinity of the other dwellers feel that they hate their children to this extent? Beside the feeling of guilt from the sins of what they have done against them, which may disturb some of them and have an impact on them and fire their beds? And if they have, especially from those of their officials wanted to consider the others as responsible for what had been accrued as a dropping to sin, is the policy of transfer a radical solution that would ease them from facing the reality which they want to avoid? or is this reality so supple to impose it on a people holding the resistance and believe in the right of living on land? or attacking them by successive wars of firepower even if their victims are paying the double of what they suffer in comparison? Is the goal to stay to guard the interests of the West in this region because of the need for a functional rank of the capitalist system and to be ready to sacrifice of the highest prices? Or will the new U.S. administration would be more prudent, which will not leave away to the  policy of escaping forward by uprooting people and trees and stones from this land which was their abroad, as America discoverers did with its original inhabitants?

It is wrong by Hassan Moaz when he says that within the context of the colonial world, Zionism as a political movement had to gain support and endorsement of the majority of the Jews of Europe who were ruled by the memory of isolation and persecution and the Holocaust, and to invest their longing for the salvation by a biblical background, to plant the state of Israel in the land of Palestine and entrusted with the function and the role of the agent in this area as a great important factor in protecting  the interests of the colonialism under the circumstances of the Cold War era after the World War II, and the emergence of the abundant oil in the Arabian Peninsula. Hence,  the importance of the claims of the new Israeli historians amperes concerning posing the ideas in defiance of many of the myths that the Israeli imagination was built on  towards a number of key issues, by whether before or after the establishment of the state: the dismantling the perfect and romantic pictures related to settling in Palestine in the twenties and thirties set by the official narration in the minds of the Israeli generations and the fact of its relationship with its Arab neighbors which is highly tolerant, while the Arabs did replied by aggression and hostility. They demonstrate that the Zionist military organizations that formed the army of Israel before the war, engaged in a conscious program of immigration to the Palestinians aimed at expelling them from Palestine in line with the basic Zionist idea about the transfer and the need to clear land for Jewish immigrants due to the difficulty of the existence of two peoples in the same place.

Among the new authors of Israeli historian school is Tom Segev, who wrote about racism and the ugliness of the first immigrants (Alischof) and others, and Avi Shlaim, who spoke about the responsibility of Israel to waste the chances for peace with the Arabs, and Ze’ev Stehrnhil who dealt with the Israeli claims of liberality and democracy, and Benny Morris, who spoke about the policy of transfer. The latter had quoted the Ben-Gurion speeches to the Jewish Agency and the Zionist Congresses – especially in 1937, after the publication of the report of Bill concerning the partition in Palestine that he supports the transfer as the only practical solution for the Jewish state, the overwhelming majority of Jews. He said "we do not want to change the place of residence for the Palestinians, but we want to displace it." There are large scales of land to the Arabs that they can receive the Palestinians in", then he said clearly in 1938 that he supports the idea of compulsive displacement and he does not see anything immoral in it. This is what happened and we saw the application of it many times. Today, there are those who see that this forms a group of lessons to be followed among them those who call themselves citizens, but they are actually not.

Ilan Pappe sees from his side that the State of Israel continues to expand the focus on settling, and the distinction between Arab and Jewish citizens, and also control the overall situation and all that makes an independent Palestinian state in the low probability of the current stage. He also points out that it still refrains from their positions, not to embrace the idea of two states, while the just and comprehensive peace must be linked to equality, not racial segregation and wasting of the right of return of refugees. Shlomo Sand, the author of "How was the invention of the Jewish people" considers that the life in the Near East do not go straight without the coexistence with the Arab culture, he says: "Do not forget that those who fire rockets at Ashkelon know that it was built on the ruins of a large Arab village in Ashkelon from which their parents were expelled in 1950."

If those who oppose the policy of Israel among Jews within Israel still numerically lower than assumed because of intimidation and extortion, but they are more visible expressing themselves outside it. Some of them are academics, intellectuals and creators of the Jews who live in the West who have signed on April 30 on an article published in the newspaper "The Guardian" in Britain under the title: "we will not celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of Israel", and it confirmed the following "In July 1948, more than seventy thousand Palestinians were expelled from their homes in the scorching summer heat without water or food, and hundreds of them died… In all, seven hundred and fifty thousand Palestinians have become refugees, and nearly 400 villages (out of 531) were removed from the map while this did not stop the ethnic genocide which lasted, but the thousands of Palestinians (who are Israeli citizens) were expelled from the Galilee in 1956, and so much more when Israel occupied the West Bank and Gaza Strip and according to international law and the UN Resolution 194 the refugees had right of compensation or return because of the war. But Israel has never accepted that right, that is why we will not celebrate. We can not celebrate the birth of a state founded on terrorism, massacres and the expulsion of another people from their land and we can not celebrate the birth of a State still committing ethnic genocide, and violates the international law, and impose collective and brutal punishment on civilians in Gaza, and continues to deny the human rights of the Palestinians and their national aspirations. We will celebrate till the Arab and Hews live equally in the peaceful Middle East”.

Some consider that religious fanaticism of the settlers is no longer in the same intensity, it is now a troubled movement and no longer has to catch a strong control over those who had emigrated to this country. Despite its success in changing the map of the West Bank and the occupied Jerusalem by cutting and separating them through a net of colonies. But in this stage of concern, they can even frighten their peers by violence and fanaticism and dangerous tendencies. And religion, if it was used to justify their fanaticism, it is not the only sense, the fact that dogmatism have various forms to justify its existence. It is a combination of personal and psychological state associated with childhood and upbringing and the environment, and feed themselves pathologically due to security concerns and fear of the other and the future. Therefore, it resorts to religion when it serves their interests and abandon it as soon as they find it a restrictive and an impediment to starting their wishes and perceptions and the hidden of their unconsciousness. In the educational upbringing within this state what would fabricate large crowds of militants and dogmatic persons and racists who could pose a threat to those who comprises the group, so how much more against the other target mass?

Thus, as far as the condition pf this illness to respond in this case to someone in a position of strength like Lieberman, who is similar to it, as it takes its legitimacy and imposes itself in a society that promotes the elements of extremism. As long as it serves the super ego and the individual is reassured by the group in which similar elements of strength that provides protection. due to the feelings of persecution, the person can also like others consider the other as variant, or the enemy who is not only a threat that must be disposed of all the available forms, but also be held responsible for what happened to him and his situation, and as the fear from them became greater as being the owner pf the right, the more slicker forms of escalation and persecution and abuse to him being made. Therefore, we believe that the alliance between a group of religious extremists and fanatics to their nationality takes illogical forms, but imposes itself strongly a small minority by different visions of this entity and can not be found within it the representations of the pandemic pathology.

The non-rational growing to the idea of a Jewish state as a pure Jewish state, which is strong militarily and economically and politically backed by Western power centers can be turned into the basic machine to a systematic breaking of what constitutes a disability or the subject of differing questioning or doubting ideological the project which ends with an excessive use of the expressions of the different powers and employ all the state institutions for such a project. Thus the internal mobilization , which is gaining the majority of the membership which is against civilian and humanitarian aspects, make the Arab minority group as fragile and vulnerable entity which can be hit anywhere, at any time. Which makes the external intervention is the only way to protect the minority from the majority threats and from the institutions of the State.

If the apartheid regime in South Africa has dropped; if the wide range of civil society organizations and the international corporations have joined forces to support the Palestinian resistance, and make a campaign to boycott the Israeli products, and conduct maritime lines to break the siege on Gaza, and to prosecute the Israeli war criminals, and the dismantling of the apartheid wall, and support Jerusalem and preventing Judaizing it, and confessing the right of the Palestinian refugees to return and compensation, all that would expand the solidarity  of the movements after lighting of by internal and many regional and international factors, so will voices of resistance fade again and winning round those who impose power on the rights of human beings simply because they govern the resolution at the international level?

We believe that the situation is volatile and worrying and needs such outside intervention and decisively in the absence of the ability of the "allies" of the Arab of the few Jewish group to influence for their benefit. They are often lined up with the interests of the group and the majority and in one way or another, justifying their choices and practices. This external intervention is the only one which could be eligible in the current circumstances to treat the congestion by impose urgent solutions. While the groups of the political pressure which are loyal to Israel, which use the principle of "support your brother right or wrong" will reflect negatively on any project that takes into account the minimum rights of the peoples of the region and the possibility of coexistence among the various components of society. It will lead necessarily to further aggravation which may explode at anytime. Accordingly, Those who are interested in the majority, must first of all that free it from  it from the past complications to become more ready to look to the future with a critical eye and show the ability to develop strategies work more openly and positively. The rotten situation requires to breaking up some of its sterile ideas which are contributing to the deepening of the crisis and turning into a vicious circle.

The key recommendation from this task is directed to the inter-governmental organizations and to the regional institutions, the European Committee to call upon them to monitor and pursue policies that discriminate against the Arab minority in Palestine, and to take seriously in consideration serious principles in line with the principles and objectives stated by the institutions of anti-discrimination and effective advocate to the right, democracy, sovereignty and independence. Exacerbating the situation will not serve anyone, especially as we are talking about a problem which poses itself not only in geographical proximity to the European Union, but overlaps directly with it in several dimensions.

Notice and gratitude

This report, which was composed after a fact-finding field trip I made to the 48 territories in late 2008, which relied on the documents and reports issued by the public institutions and the Palestinian human rights centers, it was mainly the outcome of coordination and cooperation between the Arab Commission for Human Rights and the public Committee for the Defense of Freedoms which derived from the High Follow up Committee for the masses of the 48 Arabs in Palestine. The goal of the trip was the inspection and monitoring of the political persecution which faced the Palestinians of the 48, in the background of the review of their status since the displacement of the Palestinian people and their misfortune in 1948 and the imposition of Israeli citizenship on them. However, two important developments occurred during the reporting period: the first was the Zionist aggression in Gaza, and the second was the exacerbated series of the Israeli colonial racist laws which followed the parliamentary elections and the victory of a group of extremists to set up new instruments of the political prosecutions and escalation. Thus, even if the report is not adequate to illustrate these developments, but they absolutely stress its context and recommendations, where the symptoms manifested inside the West Bank or Gaza do not differ substantially as a picture of an incurable disease eating the body of Palestine. The message that we wish to convey to the reader in this report is that the political persecution is a systemic approach of the State of Israel, has increased with the increasing of the intractability awareness of the Arab public of their rights. Racial and colonial character of this entity has not changed, but continued in further ugliness and ferocity. The Palestinians of 48 are ultimately a people in danger, the fact that his presence at home is not more than a target within the entire Zionist attack against the Full-Palestinian right.

Finally, I have to thank all the persons in the associations and institutions of civil society whom I met and were kind in their hospitality  and showed me their real situations and provided me with very important information, among them  the public  Committee for the Defense of Freedoms and the colleague Ameer Makhoul, Hoping that this report will contribute to clarify the picture of how the Green Line Palestinians live on their land  to the outside of the Arab and Western countries, hoping to take steps which are capable of helping them to recover their right to live in dignity with the rest of the Palestinian people, like all other peoples of the earth in their home without discrimination or oppression or occupation. The Palestinian has a right of his homeland, and as emphasized by the public Committee for the Defense of Freedoms, whether he stayed or migrated before and during the Nakba to this day or living in forced exile and even decided to emigrate from home. Neither the Israeli law, nor the forced reality imposed on the Palestinian in any part whatsoever can not mortgage can not mortgage the eligibility of the Palestinian in his homeland where it is the base and not the law of the colonizer and its procedures, where there is no legitimacy of measures which uproot people from their land at all.