The Conservatives’ Party

The weakest point in the political life is the absence of the conservative trend. Several parties in the Arab arena belong, in all, to liberal or leftist trend. Yet, the conservative trend is not expressed as a political party. In case we consider the Arab arena , including Egypt, we will discover that most of the people are governed by conservative trend; a religious or life trend. This means that we tackle a conservative majority not politically expressed.

      We believe that the silent majority in Egypt is the conservatives, who are not politically expressed. While liberal and leftist majorities dominate the media and political arena, the conservative trend is not expressed in a way that match its popular weight. This much influences the political negativity in addition to the citizens’ interest in the political participation. As the Egyptian nation has a conservative majority, with out being politically expressed, makes it a finally silent majority.

      The problem of the conservative trend in Egypt exceeds the fact of not being politically expressed, to reach a split between those supporting the trend, due to their religious differences. It is considered one of the most important problems of which the Egyptian group suffers. The conservative trend among Christians have nothing in common with the same trend among Muslims. The conservatives generally believe that their perspectives have to do with their religious beliefs.

      In other words, imagine a difference between Islamic and Christian conservative trend, and it is actually there, yet, at the level of religion. When talking about the political affair, we are actually away from religion. The political affair has to do with religion application, treatment and good acts. Thus differences in religion do not mean differences in political or economic and social attitudes. As the religion application in life is related to supreme religious values, and not an issue of religious polemic.

      The conservatives in Egypt, either Muslims or Christians, have not discovered yet the close relations between them in the political, economic and social situations, but even in the life situations from a general viewpoint. This is due to the religious isolation, accompanying the religious revival stage. Actually, isolation is considered expected together with the religious revival amid a rediscovery of the civil and religious identity of the branches forming the Egyptian group, and other Arab groups.

      After ending first stages of the religious revival, as we believe, the current situation becomes suitable to end the isolation, moving to a discovery of the nation mutual identity. Our Arab and Islamic nation is dominated by an operation to discover and reunite. Yet, the nation union can not be actually achieved without discovering the conservative elements among the believers regardless their religion. The Egyptian group union can be achieved through the discovery of what is common on the economic, social and political levels among conservative Muslims and Christians.

      We notice here that several political powers try to ban the conservatives political gathering in Egypt, including the secular majority, that sees in the gathering a political power able to reach the rule. The ruling elements would certainly fear the appearance of the conservative political trend among Muslims and Christians, as this would politically threaten the ruling regime. The Egyptian conservatives can, in case they unite, reach the rule, changing the Egyptian political regime, representing the conservative civil and religious trend, a majority inside the Egyptian group.

      Due to these factors related to the conservatives themselves, the conservative political trend is late to appear as a united group. We here should confirm that we are speaking about the conservative believer, being distinguished from the liberal believer and may be from the secular one, if we may say. The conservative believer is the one having the conservative religious values, believing in the importance of applying them in life. He also believes that life can not be separated from religion, as described as the life sacred organizer. Thus the conservative believer adopts a genuine attitude from the family, education, cultural, social, economic and political issues. In many situations it was clear how conservatives’ attitudes are similar despite their different religions.

      On the other hand, we will find that the conservative believer is the one that cares for traditions and social customs, maintaining the civilization identity, believing in the civilization privacy in addition to the nations’ distinction on the cultural and moral level. Thus, we see that the conservative attitudes depend on glorifying religion and supreme civilization values. We even see that when individuals travel to west, we find them establishing a civilization framework for them and their sons to maintain their values and traditions.

      We should necessarily find what is common on a social and political level among those having conservative attitudes, either Muslims or Christians in Egypt. Some find differences in life style and its values between Islam and Christianity. We should here confirm that glorifying religion as a supreme organizer of life affairs means all religions. In case of differences, each religion believers depend on theirs, as in marriage matters. In case there is no difference, all depend on the mutual religious values like family values, kinship and social inclusion in addition to other conservative and religious values. On a moral level, there is an agreement in a wide scale, necessarily requiring a conservative union.