The Court Verdict – An Attack on Democracy Which Will not Undermine the Muslim Brotherhood’s Existence

The Court Verdict – An Attack on Democracy Which Will not Undermine the Muslim Brotherhood’s Existence

23rd September 2013


The Cairo court verdict issued on September 23, dissolving the Muslim Brotherhood Association and freezing its assets, is neither legally sound nor justified in any way. It is entirely politically motivated and comes as part of the vicious crackdown against the legitimate rights of Egyptians by the fascist military Junta. It is clearly an attempt to ban the Muslim Brotherhood from political participation.

The ‘Court of Urgent Matters’ lacked due process as this matter is beyond its jurisdiction and it did not follow proper procedures that dictate the presence of both parties being present to the dispute before the court. This ruling is deemed a circumvention of the Administrative Court which is competent to adjudicate in this matter and demonstrates a reenactment of the 1950s, throwing Egypt back into its darkest days of dictatorship and tyranny.

The military continues to demonstrate its double discourse to the world: whilst talking of negotiations with the Muslim Brotherhood on one hand, they continue to murder, detain and torture thousands. The judges whom are now accusing the Muslim Brotherhood of violating the law are the very ones that released the dictator Mubarak.

The dissolution of the Muslim Brotherhood is not a set back for the Muslim Brotherhood, but a set back for freedom, justice and democracy in Egypt. Our concern is not the future of the Muslim Brotherhood, but rather the future of democracy in Egypt. We believe there is a global responsibility for the international community to stand up in support of freedom and democracy.

Our legitimacy and existence cannot be questioned; we have existed for 85 years, and will continue to do so. We are part and parcel of the Egyptian society, and a corrupt and illegitimate judicial decision cannot change that.

We continue our peaceful civil resistance that we have embarked on with millions of other Egyptians till our freedoms and democracy are restored.

Muslim Brotherhood Press Office London


Note to Editors:

The Muslim Brotherhood London Press Office is the UK’s representative of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

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