The Day After….

The Day After….

For those of you who aren’t glued to TV/internet/radio/civilization, last night Barack Obama was elected President. Check out the latest polls, counts, and punditry. Of course, bloggers didn’t wait long to remind readers that there is a lot of work ahead.

Rob at Arabic Media Shack starts by examining potential National Security Advisors, and suggests Bruce Reidel for the position.

Check out’s picks for “The Dream Team,” with choices all over the board.

However, Colin Powell has taken his name off the short list, saying he wasn’t interested in serving in a new administration and that he wanted a new generation of leaders to step up.

Rami Khouri says that the first thing he wants Obama to do as president-elect is to “take a moment to look at the world rationally and accurately, analyzing political-social trends that really define the world rather than trends that are ideologically driven.”