“The Day of Reward.. And the celebration is Completed with Victory”

“The Day of Reward.. And the celebration is Completed with Victory”

“Allah is The Greatest, Allah is The Greatest, Allah is The Greatest, There is none worthy of worship besides Allah, Allah is The Greatest and all praise and thanks is due solely to Him.”

With the arrival of the blessed Eid al-Fitr, we extend our sincerest congratulations and greetings to our Islamic nation and our people in beloved Egypt. We ask Allah Almighty to complete our joy with victory and glory for our nation and our people. The days of the month of goodness have passed quickly, and the Day of Reward, the day of ‘Eid’, is here, where the workers reap the fruits of their labor. Some will gain and some will lose. The successful ones were exposed to the blessings of these few days and took advantage of them, so they succeeded and triumphed. As for the negligent, they failed and lost. The truthful invocation by the trustworthy spirit [Jibreel AS] has been fulfilled in them, and that which was affirmed by the master of all creation [Muhammad, SAW] :

“They are disappointed and they have lost, those who have witnessed Ramadan but have not been forgiven.”

“But be [O believers] Rabbaaniyyeen [devoutly obedient to Allah]”

One of the fruits that the successful people harvest on the Day of Reward after what they presented during the month of Ramadan is the feeling of Allah’s ‘nearness’ and relying on Him and standing at His door to be devoutly obedient to Him. This is in accordance with the words of Allah Almighty:

[[It is not for a human [prophet] that Allah should give him the Scripture and authority and prophethood and then he would say to the people, ‘Be servants to me rather than Allah,’ but [instead, he would say], ‘Be devoutly obedient [to Allah] because of what you have taught of the Scripture and because of what you have studied.]] Ãl-Imran: 79

For ‘obedient devotion to Allah’  there are certain elements that are sought after for those whom Allah has granted the success to achieve it. It starts with acquiring beneficial Islamic knowledge, and then working according to that knowledge with insight. One should not withhold this knowledge and action, but rather spread its light among the people, invite them to it and educte them on it with wisdom and good speech. Ibn Jarir indicated this by saying: “The devoutly obedient to Allah are the scholars who are wise and clear-sighted in the politics of people and the management of their affairs, and who take care of their interests.”

The founder Imam Hassan Al-Banna said in his message “What do we call people to?”:

“What greater honor and greatness is there than to see oneself as devoutly obedient to Allah, linked to Him, and attributed to Him?”

The seventh guide, Professor Mahdi Akef, said: “Being devoutly obedient to Allah should be at the top of your priorities, and you should strive to achieve it with all the strength and effort you have been given. Achieve the qualities of the friends of Allah, and He will protect you and encompass you with His protection.”

“The blessed Al-Aqsa is a top priority… and Sudan is not far behind.

At the top of our priorities is the issue of beloved Palestine, where the first of the two Qiblas and the third holiest site in Islam are located, from the heart of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, which has been subjected to serious attacks and blatant aggression on the night of the 14th of the blessed month of Ramadan. The worshippers were attacked while in I’tikaaf (devotional seclusion in the mosque) and while performing their prayers and hundreds of them were arrested or injured. The Zionist security forces stormed the ‘Qibli Mosque’ to forcefully remove the worshippers performing I’tikaaf, followed by more blatant attacks by the occupation on the West Bank, Gaza, and Lebanon.

These foolish acts committed by the occupation require Muslims around the world to mobilize and take a serious stance to protect the honor of the nation. Among the top priorities and obligatory duties today is the immediate cessation of those who have normalized relations with the occupation and their return back to The Ummah, with biased preference for the truth, in standing with the Palestinian people, supporting their heroic resistance, and participating in the duty of the time by rallying around the central issue of the Ummah and supporting it in every way possible. Perhaps the crimes committed against the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque and those who worship in it, will spark the beginning of liberation from this nightmare and colonial era, so that the truth will prevail and the word of Allah will be supreme, while the word of those who disbelieve will be inferior.

In beloved Sudan, where events and bloody confrontations have accelerated during the past few days, we ask Allah to protect it from the schemes of the schemers and the plots of the plotters, and to bring Sudan out of this ordeal stronger and more resilient, and to unite its people through internal dialogue away from external polarization, and to resume its march towards development at an accelerated pace. The Muslim Brotherhood calls on all parties involved in the crisis in Sudan to stop the armed escalation and internal fighting, which threatens the security and stability of Sudan and is contrary to the principles of Islam, which forbid shedding of innocent blood.

Extensive violations in the coup prisons… and our steadfastness is a celebration.

The violations that our brothers in the Muslim Brotherhood have been subjected to in Al-Aqsa Mosque and its surroundings by the brutal occupation throughout the holy month of Ramadan are not separated from the violations that our brothers and the people of our nation in the Egyptian coup prisons have been and still are subjected to. Despite all the injustices, oppression, persecution, and corruption committed by the coup leaders over the past 10 years, they have not and will not break our will to seek justice and freedom, and they will only be losers. Thanks to Allah, their delusions were shattered in front of the steadfastness of the men of ‘the call’ and with them the honorable patriots from all sectors of the Egyptian people, and fear still grips them and worries them about the project of this nation that is still very much alive, despite all the battles it has faced and still faces.

A quick reading of the reality of the coup’s violations shows that Egypt is the world’s first in issuing (politically motivated) death sentences and the third in implementing unjust political execution sentences, according to Amnesty International. The sentences amounted to 1600 death sentences, of which 105 were executed, while 95 intellectuals and activists await execution overnight after final judgments were issued against them in 25 political cases. The matter did not stop at the death sentences, but it included a long series of cases of mass murder and executions carried out by the coup authority in the squares of Rabaa, Nahda, Ramses, in city centers, during football matches, funerals, and home invasions.

The systematic killings have extended from execution squares and protest arenas to coup prisons that have turned into deliberate killing fields through medical neglect or direct torture. The most prominent of these is the crime of killing the martyr President Dr. Mohamed Morsi and hundreds of freedom seekers who seek freedom for their people and their country. International institutions documented 465 cases of electrocution, beating with sticks and sharp objects, denial of medication, and continuous psychological and physical abuse, solitary confinement, rotten food, and deliberate medical neglect, while another report documented the killing of 958 people from 2015-2019. The documentation revealed an increasing trend in cases of death under torture and neglect in preliminary detention centers, and according to the report, the cases included all segments of society, from Muslims and Christians to members of the Muslim Brotherhood and members of various political parties, businessmen, journalists, and members of movements some of whom supported the coup at the time of its occurrence. In addition to the above, there were 16,355 cases of enforced disappearance and extra Judicial kidnappings between 2013 and 2022, including 5,331 complete disappearances of people whose fate is still unknown, including the parliamentarian Dr. Mustafa al-Najjar.

Between the Battle of Badr of Islam and the Foolishness of the Coup

Dictators excel at deceiving people and erasing their memories, so they change the names of streets, squares, and mosques, such as renaming streets after national leaders, changing the name of Rabaa Square, and changing the names of hundreds of mosques in an attempt to isolate the nation from its history and symbols.

The matter did not stop at streets and mosques but extended to prisons, where “Scorpion Prison,” notorious for its terrible reputation, was renamed to “Badr Center for Rehabilitation and Reform.” This is a continuation of the series of lies and falsehoods, as a center for torture and oppression has nothing to do with the battle of “Badr Al-Mubarakah,” nor does rehabilitation and reform have anything to do with the crimes committed within its walls. There is a vast difference between “Badr Al-Islam,” where pride and dignity exist, and chambers of torture and human rights violations, where the most heinous crimes against humanity occur.

Social disintegration and the degradation of women

The coup authorities did not stop at shedding blood and arresting and torturing innocent people, but they also sought to dismantle society and undermine its cohesion through several paths. The first is imposing complicated restrictions on young people about to get married, while the second is by interfering in marital relationships by encouraging illegal practices and not recognizing verbal divorce, opening the gates of hell of the non-recognition of lineage, causing the society to cast doubt on itself, and lose confidence in its own identity. All this, despite the efforts of Al-Azhar to prevent this crime by issuing a statement by the senior scholars’ body on February 5, 2017, to confirm the legality of verbal divorce, with practical solutions to compel people to document it.

The third path strikes at society’s most important pillars – women – by expanding the appalling violations against them, with at least 2,800 women arrested since 2013, subject to arbitrary detention and imprisonment in civilian and military courts lacking legal procedures. 300 women and girls are still in arbitrary detention, while 32 of them have been sentenced by the judiciary.

Allah does not set right the deeds of corrupters

The propogaters and reformers of all the groups were not the only ones to suffer from the coup’s injustices and corruption, but the Egyptian people have suffered and continue to suffer from its calamities, and everyone groans under the weight of its economic crises. It is true that Allah’s law has been confirmed by last year’s events:

 [[Indeed, Allah does not set right the deeds of corrupters.]] Yunus 81

 Major international institutions have witnessed the collapse of the Egyptian economy, including the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and Fitch Ratings, and one of the most prominent manifestations of that crisis was the decline in foreign currency reserves while external debts increased, leaving an unprecedented impact on the Egyptian pound’s exchange rate. The coup authority had no choice but to continue drowning in the endless debt spiral, mortgaging the will of the people and future generations by selling state assets and transferring ownership to foreigners, with serious implications for Egyptian national security.

Final words

This insane situation of the coup authorities cannot continue, and no free Egyptian or human being can remain silent about it. Evena If countries remain silent in exchange for concessions offered by the coup, Egyptians, and at their heart, the Muslim Brotherhood group, will never accept this. They will reveal and document these crimes, waiting for true justice under the supervision of elected institutions to hold these perpetrators accountable, along with anyone who collaborated with them. We have faith in Allah that the haze hanging over our homeland will dissipate and the calamity of the imprisonment of our brothers and sisters will be removed. Our prayer to Allah is that He strengthen the hearts of their families and loved ones, and grant victory to the will of this noble nation to liberate their country from the corruption and tyranny that plague it and the joy is completed with celebration. 

[[On that day the believers will celebrate * in the victory willed by Allah, He gives victory to whomever He wills, for He is The Almighty, The Most Merciful]] Ar Rum 4,5

News from the Muslim Brotherhood

On the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood, we reaffirmed in an interview on Watan TV channel that the Ummah still needs the efforts of the Muslim Brotherhood in a new century. The Islamic peoples, including the Muslim Brotherhood, are not in conflict with anyone, but they seek to claim their right to unity and the independence of their will. Those who refuse the liberation of the Ummah and the possession of its will are those who seek to clash with communities, not the other way around.

The Muslim Brotherhood decided to suspend public iftars during Ramadan and redirect the costs to support those affected by earthquakes and those harmed by the coup inside Egypt. With the aim of contributing to resolving the crises facing the Muslim  community. This is in line with the history of the Brotherhood in enriching relief work and continuing its efforts to confront a number of disasters that our peoples have faced, including the 1992 earthquake in Egypt and its efforts to combat cholera and support its victims in the late 1930s, by deploying volunteer teams in coordination with the Egyptian Ministry of Health.

Watan TV channel organized a virtual conference titled “One Ummah, One Heart” after the earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria to support those affected by the earthquake. The conference was attended by 50 figures, including thinkers, scholars, and preachers, representing 30 countries from the Arab and Islamic countries and the international community.

Recently, members of the human rights file of the Muslim Brotherhood made a number of international visits to various international organizations with the aim of supporting the Egyptian cause and keeping it alive on the agenda of international events, and to maintain relationships with these human rights organizations and inform them of the continuous violations suffered by detainees in the coup’s prisons. The tour included following up on complaints filed against the Egyptian government by victims of enforced disappearance, which amounted to more than 300 complaints, in addition to following up on the case of the Rabaa dispersal, which is being presented before the African Committee, and following up on cases filed before the European Court of Human Rights against the coup leader.

The Muslim Brotherhood reiterated through its spokesman, Hassan Saleh, that the continuous attempts to establish parallel entities to the official institutions of the group or to appoint people with tasks and titles that are not based on reality in order to try to gain limited legitimacy, will not impose a new reality nor will it be of any benefit. The spokesman confirmed that the selection of the General Guide from among the members of the Guidance Office by the group’s Shura Council from inside and outside, as well as the formation of a new administrative council for the group in December 2022, was purely an Egyptian matter and was carried out in accordance with the group’s approved rules and regulations.

Watan satellite channel launched a campaign to support Al-Aqsa Mosque after the recent Zionist attacks under the slogan “He we are! Oh Aqsa!”, which included extensive coverage of events, popular and official reactions, and a number of important documentaries about the status of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the efforts of its defenders to protect it from destruction.

Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, the acting General Guide,

Wednesday 28 Ramadan 1444 AH, corresponding to April 19, 2023.