The detention of 10 Engineer Students from Helwan.

The detention of 10 Engineer Students from Helwan.

Prosecutors decided today to detain 10 Muslim Brotherhood students from the Faculty of Engineering from Helwan University. The students were charged with the same accusations in which the movement’s members has become accustomed to.

The detained students include:

Mohamed Sonbal Ibrahim (4th year student)

Abdul Rahman Mohamed Ibrahim (3rd year student)

Mohamed Ragab Almallah (3rd year student)

Yaser Mahmoud Abu Attia (3rd year student)

Ahmed Mohamed Alsayed (3rd year student)

Mohamed Mahmoud Hamdy (3rd year student)

Mohamed Sayed Ali (2nd year student)

Mohamed Fatthy Mohamed (1st year student)

Islam Abdellah Fahim (1st year student)

Khaled Saeed Abdul Rahman (prep student)

The students were together visiting at the house of one of their colleagues when security forces raided the premises confiscating educational CD’s, school texts and papers.