The Distinction Between Jews and Zionist Entity

At the heels of its victory in the elections, the US and the EU requested Hamas to recognize Israel and renounce resistance or “terrorism” in their terms. Of course, laying down arms, before independence, means that Palestinians lose their only pressing card in negotiations.


At the present time Hamas’ problem is not the recognition of Israel but the crystallization of a Palestinian-vision settlement of their conflict with Israel. Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, along with other national movements believe Palestine to be an Arab land. They, in addition, regard the1948-bordered Israeli state illegitimate and an occupying entity. The difference between the occupied territories before and after 1967 resulted from the Western legitimacy cast on post-1967 boundaries.


Islamic and Arab powers should work to draft, as possible, an applicable platform that articulates the right of Arabs. It should balance between our vision and what can be achieved in light of the unlimited Western support for Israel.    


The proposal of two states, for example, should be put in place without requiring further concessions. The Palestinian state should be established on post-1967 territories and enjoys full sovereignty. The right of refugees’ return and Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital should not be waived. Although both Israel and the US refuse these last points, they are possible in terms of the international community and legitimacy.


Having two states should be regarded a temporary compromise that will not call the conflict to a complete halt. Both sides will be dependant one another unlike neighboring countries for their fates interweave.


Since the existing Israeli government is obsessed with occupation and aggression, the termination of the conflict is unexpected. The notion of two states needs good ties between the two sides regardless the historical rights. This version can not be attained but on the popular level. Accordingly, the separation between the Israeli state and Jewish people is essential. If Jews, or some, desire to lead a normal life in Palestine, they should renounce their racial and aggressive attitude. They, moreover, need to develop a sense of brotherhood towards Palestinians. They should live side by side with Palestinians as country mates not as occupiers. Therefore, coexistence should prevail between Palestinians and Jews.


On contrary to this fancy is the real situation where hatred and hostility are the haunting feelings of both sides toward each other. Furthermore, the Zionist state does not belong to the region; it was implanted in the Arab body. It, moreover, is the password for the foreign interference and the sponsor of the Western interests in the region.


The removal of the Israeli state is part of our rights. However, it is inapplicable in the status quo whereas it implies the return of millions of Jews to the West; an idea that is wholly unacceptable in the Western world. Thus, it is important to consider the motion of having two adjacent states a transitory solution on the way for establishing one Arab, Palestinian state.


This long-desired goal can be achieved even with the presence of these large numbers of Jews in Palestine. Naturalization of Jews is possible in light of the Islamic civilization that admits plurality. Over the history, Islamic civilization has seen unparalleled models of coexistence of different cultures under its patronage.


The proposal of two states can be a stage precedes getting federated. Hence, the declared final target of Arabs is the establishment of a Palestinian state in which Muslims, Christians, Jews, Arabs, and non-Arabs can live. Subsequently, the aggression of the Zionist entity comes to an end.


To cast legality over this target, resistance should be linked to the establishment of a state with full sovereignty. Struggle remains a legal right till Palestinians regain their rights.


Following this phrase begins the political battle to set up a Palestinian state, in accordance with the right of self-determination.  Conditioned by contentment of both parties, negotiation and cooperation would lead to have one state. Although the idea seems unconvinced to both sides, it is still possible.


According to this vision, Jews are not the obstacle before the state but the racial Zionist ideology and entity that is based on enmity. No matter how Jews support and believe in the ethic and violent philosophy of the Israeli system, at a time they will sense the need for stability and security.


Logically enough is that scores of Jews will not accept to live in a Palestinian state, the supposed final resolution of the conflict. Large numbers will return to their first destinations while other will remain belonging to the land and to its nation.