The Double Standards GAME

Ok, let me get this straight, when two Israeli soldiers are kidnapped (not killed) by the resistance group Hezbollah, in which their very existence is due to yet another Israeli act of gluttony to occupy more Arab land, south Lebanon, in an attempt to free prisoners (many of whom are women & children) held in Israeli jails for being freedom fighters, is seen by the US as obvious grounds for declaring war on an unarmed population (despite the UN and the rest of the world opposing the attack & calling it a gross disproportionate act of terrorism), consisting of mostly children, unaware of why they were hated, targeted, & killed, brutally. However, when a Palestinian youth, repressed throughout his/her life, robbed of their country, Palestine, as well as most of their immediate family members, straps a bomb to his/her belly to blow up amongst a group of Jewish settlers, living life to the fullest & enjoying the bounties belonging to the Palestinian people, out of despair and anguish is seen simply as a ruthless terrorist.

Alright, so when Israel bombards a country still rebuilding itself from prior attacks inflicted also by Israeli’s, yes, I am referring to Lebanon, a country everyone knows does not have any real military power to, quoting Mr. Bush, “…defend itself..” deliberately targeting innocent civilians, in particular children; we are expected to just take their word for it that these targets were Hezbollah sites, and that the killing of all those civilians is a mere “…oops, mistake…’. Keep in mind that the resistance group Hezbollah had not yet struck or launched even 1 missile at Israel yet, just kidnapped 2 soldiers, 2 soldiers that in hinds sight are expected to serve and die for their country if need be. Despites Israel’s twisting of facts and ruthless inhumane acts of terror & countless slaughtering on Palestinians & now Lebanese, they are strongly backed, protected and amply re-supplied by state of the art weaponry. This, mind you is pure speculation, but could the real reason the United States of America is sticking its head out for Israel, standing alone isolated from the rest of the world be because that most of those running the White House as well as the Senate, Congress, & the Pentagon are either of Jewish or Israeli background?

We have all witnessed that when Hezbollah strikes Israel as an act of retaliation, a personal, detailed depiction of the few Israeli’s that died are announced worldwide repeatedly throughout the US & Israeli media, informing all of us that these individuals will never be forgotten, further going into even more detail on what their hobbies once were and how valuable and precious their lives were, these VIP individuals are nothing like those insignificant unnamed Arabs that will hardly be missed let alone remembered, in fact by killing them Israel tries to hint they did civilization a favor, subtly implying most Arabs if not all Arabs are potential terrorists: “ dontcha know”.
Bottom line, Israel as well as the Zionistic Jewish population indeed has the upper hand when it comes to receiving motherly sympathy & support from the US, this is due largely to their successful embedment in their society as well as politically in the very infrastructure & culture of the American people. By doing so they basically brainwashed the American population, mainly through Jewish owned and run media organizations, that Arabs especially those of Muslim faith are not worthy of respect and equality, in fact, they should be feared & not trusted. On the other hand, they depict Jewish people as peaceful and of great value (chosen?) much more than any Arab or even a gentile holds, for that matter. This has all been strategically planned and imposed throughout a slow and careful process. 

Now, I know after all I have said I will be depicted as an anti-Semitic individual to some, especially to those that sympathize with the Jews, however, please take note that  I am specifically talking about the Zionist Jews. Therefore, before quickly dismissing my statements, think about the separate events that have happened throughout history in which validate my point. Zionistic Jews have been hated and isolated since the beginning of time, aside from the obvious Nazi Germany era, there is Shakespeare’s play “The Merchant of Venice” which depicts the Jews as greedy, relentless & ruthless, having no mercy or forgiveness for gentiles thus when given the opportunity, behave with the utmost hatred and disgust; then we have the “The Protocols of The Elder Zion ” which was translated by a Russian author named Mathieu Golovinski stating how Jewish Zionists plan to have full control of society, giving step by step maneuvers that have actually taken place already ( especially control of the US government and the Pentagon), this author mysteriously died shortly after this publication. More recently, a study was published by the trusted & well acclaimed Harvard university, in it talks about the Zionistic Jewish movement and ruthlessness and how they attempt to prevail over all, and last but not least Mel Gibson’s controversial movie “The passion of the Christ” which basically tells the story of how Jesus died by crucifixion due to the Jews betrayal, since then Mr. Gibson has been ostracized numerous times, being accused of anti-Semitic acts as well as involving his family members (Mel’s father).

I also know that a large number of you feel upset and deeply frustrated due to the great injustice occurring toward Arabs & Muslims worldwide which seems to go unpunished, but this is just temporarily. As I speak, a strong universal hatred toward Jews is quickly accumulating toward not just the Israelis, but all Jews which in due time will result in their ultimate isolation & downfall. I also believe that it is only a matter of time when the whole world will witness and unanimously approve severe condemnation of Israel, they are the true terrorists, they are the real killers and guilty of the most heinous and inhumane crimes ever witnessed throughout humanity. The deaths of those beautiful children and innocent victims, previous as well as recent, will not be in vain