The duty of the Brotherhood

The duty of the Brotherhood

Then he spoke – may Allah have mercy on him – about the duty of the Brotherhood, which is to explain the call and spread it to the people in his saying: “The first of our duties, we the Brotherhood, is to make clear to the people the limits of Islam, clear and complete, with no addition, deficiency, or ambiguity, and that is the theoretical part of our ideology. And to ask them to realize it, to get them to implement it, and to hold them to work with it, and that is the practical part of this ideology.

We find here that he established an important principle, which is to give priority to the practical side over the theoretical side of the call.  As it was clarified that the duty is to clearly explain, and this is the theoretical aspect, while the practical included “we ask them.. we get them.. we hold them,” and this is a statement of the importance of work, giving priority to the practical aspect and prioritizing it over mere theorizing and the strength of argument and statement.

Method and purpose

Then he clarifies the curriculum and the constitution that the Brotherhood works for, with, and by, saying: “And our mainstay in all of that is the Book of Allah, with which falsehood does not come to it from in front of it nor from behind it, and the authentic Sunnah proven from the Messenger of Allah – may Allah’s salutations and peace be upon him – and the purified biography of the pious predecessors of this nation.  "

Then the imam clarifies here the reason and the goal behind this.. “Behind that, we seek nothing but the Pleasure of Allah, the fulfilment of our duty, the guidance of mankind, and the direction of people.”

These are the goals of the Brotherhood over the generations, unequivocally and without beating around the bush, and these are the principles that they plant in the hearts of their youth from the first moment.

The goal is to please Allah, to fulfil a duty, and to guide people.

Then he explains the way to achieve these goals, and in them we also find the predominance of the practical aspect and the spirit of sacrifice in the heart.. “We will strive for the realization of our idea, and we will struggle for it as long as we live, and we will invite all people to it, and we will do everything for it, so that we may live with dignity, or die with dignity.”  And our permanent slogan will be: Allah is our goal, the Messenger is our leader, the Qur’an is our constitution, jihad is our way, and death in the cause of God is our highest wish.”

Glad tidings

Then he moves on to talk about some of the glad tidings, and to instil a sense of honour and dignity in the hearts : “Allah has honoured you by associating you with Him, by granting you belief in Him, by raising you on His religion, by writing for you the rank of vanguard in this world, the position of leadership among the nations, and the honour of the teacher among his students…”  You are The best nation brought out for people: you command what is right and forbid what is wrong, and you believe in Allah ” (Al-Imran: 110).

It is as if the Imam – may Allah have mercy on him – is in our midst today and he says: “The first thing he calls you to is to believe in yourselves, to know your position, to believe that you are the vicegerents of this world even if your opponents want to humiliate you, and the teachers of the nations even if others appear to dominate in the life of this world, and the final victory is for the righteous.”  ,

This is the true spirit of Islam, the spirit of pride, honour and dignity, not the spirit of humiliation and defeat that our enemies desire for us.. It is the spirit of Islam that, if we were to adopt it, the forces of the entire earth would not be able to undermine our resolve or our dignity, if we stood with our faith in the face of all these challenges:  So, young people, renew your faith, define your goals and objectives, know that beginning of strength is faith, the result of this faith is unity, and the consequence of unity is a clear and decisive victory.

We find here that he has set the parameters of the clear path of victory in the strength of faith, belief and holding on to the indestructible rope of Allah with unity, brotherhood and hard work, and in this – if it is rightly applied – the clear and decisive path of victory, and if the youth are raised on this, then that victory will be achieved, Allah willing. How then can a united, fraternal believer community, working for the sake of Allah, be defeated by the forces of falsehood, no matter how powerful and mighty they seem?!