The Egyptian Barriers of Silence have been broken and the sun will shine once more

The Egyptian Barriers of Silence have been broken and the sun will shine once more

The brave and courageous people of Egypt continue their protests, demanding an end to a dictatorship that has lasted for more than 30 years and seeking the implementation of a real democracy that embodies accountability, an end to corruption, political participation and pluralism, and transparency. The people have broken the barriers of silence and are paving the path of destiny.

Four days after the beginning of the blessed intifada, Hosny Mubarak demonstrated his detachment from the Egyptian people.

Mubarak claimed he would maintain the constitution and implement reforms. His first act was to demand the resignation of his government, as if they were only responsible for the failure, poverty, oppression, underdevelopment and injustices that have occurred in Egypt. Does he really believe that power still resides in his hands? Has he not heard the calls of the Egyptian people? Power lies with the people of Egypt; this movement is apeople’s movement for change and reform.

Be wary of Mubarak’s promises of reform. What happened today is an example of the so-called reform he intends to implement. As government resignations came forward, police opened fire on protesters. In one incident, the security police began shooting at our brothers held as political prisoners in Abu Zaabal. Has Mubarak not seen the faces of the fearless young people that are braving the guns of security officers? The brutality, repression and torture that have plagued Muabarak’s reign in power must end. Egyptians are united and will not stop their calls for change and reform until the goal has been obtained: the end of Mubarak’s reign.

My great people of Egypt, Ben Ali was a tyrant that sought to destroy the people of Tunisia internally; Mubarak has actively sought, and in agreement with our enemies, to destroy our nation internally and externally. He planned a future that will not be easy to change; change, however, is what we will do. Mubarak will be more unjust, more corrupted and corrupting, and even more oppressing should he stay in power.

My great people of Egypt, you have shown the whole world that the Egyptian people are strong and can overcome their oppressors. Egyptians have endured hardships long enough. The worldonce more believes in the spirit and leadership of the Egyptian people because of the courageous actions of the people. The black era has come to an end, where no one can give away the gains achieved; and, no one can believe someone who has always lied to them.

My great people of Egypt, continue your struggle until you gain your rights back. The rights you are aware of and yet have been denied for so long. Do not let the one who is deceiving himself, thinking that he is still the president; and, do not let his regime, assistants, or those who manage and control him from abroad, deceive you internally or externally. Stand firm on your position and never cower to Mubarak’s dictates, because with your patience, steadfastness and ability to challenge, the sun will shine and we will witness the end of our oppressors.

"Morning is their time appointed: Is not the morning nigh"