The Egyptian police throw a citizen from the balcony

The Egyptian police throw a citizen from the balcony

اThis is not a scene for a Palestinian cadre’s home or a house in South Lebanon attacked by the Zionists, but it belongs to a Swimming coach, who resides at street 9- Ma’adi, it was attacked by the Egyptian police who killed the man before his wife and children

12 armed soldiers headed by Captain Shehab Ali al- Sha’er, a nephew of General Esma’eel al- Sha’er, director of Cairo’s police department

The flat is owned by Shereen Ghareeb Kamalul- Deen, 38 years old. His wife and two children saw him while being killed by the police
An officer, who has a dispute with Shereen, reported that Shereen is a drug dealer, this was not inspection but a complete destruction of the flat

12 armed soldiers beat Shereen till faint, then pour water on him till recovery and then beat him again before his wife and children’s screams. They searched the wife, Najla’ Mae’ey Rabe’
Officer Shehab al- Sha’er beat the kids and throw them out of the flat

Shereen is a swimming coach at the Girl’s Faculty, Heliopolis  
they tied him and threw through balcony in the forth floor. All street’s inhabitants watched him.


They took the body in a microbus. The body was found after a long search in hospitals. Al-Fath hospital said that the body reached fully dead.


Hassan’s lanterns… preliminary 5, Amera…preminary3… unfortunately, their father will not play with them in Ramadan.


They destroyed every thing

Washing machine

The Basin

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Look what the police did with the citizen in his flat, as mentioned by the Death Certificate; fracture in the skull, fractures in the sternum, hemorrhage in the brain, laceration in the lungs, rapture of liver and spleen… after all that the police stated that he committed suicide!!! It is really rudeness

By the way, where are the drugs???