The Eighth MB Guide: It’s Badi‘, not Bayumi

The Eighth MB Guide: It’s Badi‘, not Bayumi

A brief drop-by from a weekend off to note that the press conference announcing the eighth General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, postponed from Thursday till today, announced the appointment of Muhammad Badi‘.

Here’s the announcement. More in Arabic. BBC here. Al-Jazeera English here. Here, in English, is his message to the Brothers. No one has yet fixed the English Wikipedia stub that says it’s Rashad al-Bayumi “pending approval of the Guidance Council.” Guess they disagreed. English Wikipedia doesn’t have a bio of Badi‘ up yet, but Arabic Wikipedia does. Here’s an official CV in Arabic from the Ikhwan Arabic website. (I haven’t located one on the English Ikhwan site yet, beyond what’s in the news stories linked above.)

Some of the folks who follow the Brotherhood closely will no doubt have more, but thought I’d call it to your attention.


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