The Electoral List of Abdul Aziz Sweeps in the Judges Club Election

The Electoral List of Abdul Aziz Sweeps in the Judges Club  Election

The most furious election of the Egyptian Judges Union resulted in Counselor Zakaria Abdul Aziz and his list winning. Accordingly, judges emphatically supported the Jurisdiction Law to be passed. They also called on reconsidering the vote irregularities of the outgoing parliamentary polls. In addition, they warn the government against its approval of violations committed against the judiciary representatives. In the vote, 5500 of 8000-member Union participated. 
The meeting of the Union’s General Assembly turned into retaliation upon the government and the Judges’ attackers during the parliamentary polls.
The Union’s GA made several decisions. The most urgent decision exhorted implicated persona in bodily assaults on judges to appear before court, regardless their positions. If the government does not show rapid response to this demand, Judges vow to seek international investigation. Open sit-in will be the measure taken by judges if the president does not endorse trying of those involved figures.
Protesting the flagrant vote contraventions, judges requested the constitutional article 88 to be abolished. They, moreover, decide not to monitor over any coming vote.
The Union severely criticized the Supreme Judiciary Council, accusing it with acting in collusion with the government.
Abdul Aziz pressed for the president to carry out his campaign commitments; to introduce an amendment to the Jurisdiction Law, to annual the Supreme Judiciary Council and the Socialist Attorney, and to reconsider the provisionary custody.
Abdul Aziz linked the intellectual terrorism practiced by the government towards judges to their protest against forgery of people’s will. He added that the government actions, starting from referendum on the constitutional amendment till the parliamentary polls, are void. He termed the High Election Commission as of non-law competence; it was a decorative commission whose competence was granted to the Interior Ministry.
Judges urged to stage an open sit-in till the president states that all violators will be punished. Furthermore, the president should set a timetable to implement such measures.