The founding of a new group to help promote crisis management.

The founding of a new group to help promote crisis management.

A group of nine Egyptian youths decided to take matters into their own hands and formed a group calling themselves "The Egyptian Crisis Managing Team". The team which included engineers, pharmacists, lawyers, accountants, journalists and social activists united in an attempt to tackle the problems and the disasters in which they believed the current Egyptian government under the leadership of Ahmed Nazif has failed to do.

The disasters in which the poorer classes have faced are many including slum houses, garbage dumps, sinking of ferries and burning of old buildings all  of which contributed to catastrophes simply because of negligence and irresponsibility.

The member’s responsibilities were to collect information  and document data along with ensuring authenticity. Studies are conducted in anticipation of any disasters and catastrophes and solutions  offered to avoid the crisis.

Amr Saqr one of the teams founders has claimed that "For any administration to succeed there must be cooperation within the community and those responsible". He stressed the Deweqa landslide was the spark which triggered off the founding of the team since those responsible were slow in the uptake. More than 60% of buildings are unsuitable for human residences posing threats, to lives along with the unsanitary disposing of garbage and the possible spread of epidemics.

The  team practices their activities under the supervision of the  Egyptian Society for Scientific and Technological Development in collaboration with the Association of Boy Scouts and Girl Guides. The majority of members belongs to the above mentioned associations and  seeks to expand the group by using  modern means such as Facebook. In fact, members of the team founded the "Group" to spread the idea and  they extend an open invitation to all young people to join the team for training on dealing with crises and disasters. 

The groups’ objective is to offer help to the public in the face of crisis but more importantly to create awareness emphasizing the well known proverb "Prevention is better than cure".