The goals of the Muslim Brotherhood:

The goals of the Muslim Brotherhood:

First, the general goals:

1 – To liberate the Islamic homeland from all foreign authority.

2 – To establish a free Islamic state in this liberated homeland.

Second, the specific goals of the Brotherhood:

1 – Preparing the individual to be: physically strong, well-mannered, intellectual, capable of earning a living, possessing a sound belief system, practicing correct worship, striving against his own self, valuing his time, organized in his affairs, beneficial to others. The Muslim man in his thought and belief, in his behaviour and emotions, in his work and actions.

2 – Building the family:

The Muslim home in its thought and belief, in its behaviour and emotions, in its work and actions. We pay attention to women as we do to men, and we care for children as we do for our youth.

3 – Guiding the society:

The Muslim society in all these aspects as well, by guiding the society, spreading the call for good in it, fighting against vices and wrongdoings, encouraging virtues, enjoining what is right, winning public opinion to the side of the Islamic thought, and inspiring the manifestations of public life with it always.

4 – Reforming the government and establishing the state on the basis of Islamic references:

Reforming the government to make it truly Islamic, so that it serves its mission as a servant of the nation, an employee for it, working for its interest. The government is Islamic if its members are Muslims who perform the duties of Islam without publicly committing sins, and it executes the rulings and teachings of Islam.

5 – Restoring the international entity of the Islamic nation:

By liberating its homelands, reviving its glory, bridging its culture, unifying its discourse, all of which will lead to restoring the lost Caliphate and the desired unity.

6 – Achieving sovereignty and leadership:

We note in these goals: 

1 – Their integration.

2 – Their inclusiveness.

3 – Their realism.

4 – Their accuracy.

5 – Their standardization.

People might view these as a fantasy, but the confident Muslim who trusts in Allah’s victory and support sees them as a reality in front of him.