The Hearing of the convicted in the disorder that took place in Al-Mahala

The Hearing of the convicted in the disorder that took place in Al-Mahala

Some of the internet websites, as well as some newspapers, spread wrong information about the trial and that it will be tomorrow on Monday the 1st of September 2008 infront of the Emergency, Security, and Criminal court.
The truth is that the trial will take place in
Tanta, in the court of appeal on Saturday, the 6th of September 2008.
Thence the importance of the reminder.
The Arab Netwrok for Human Rights Information (ANHRI).

2:00 pm, Cairo time

Postponing the Investigation in the Incident of Assault
on the 6th of April Youth Group

Egyptian General Prosecution had postponed the hearing session of Nourel Din Hamdy and Tarek Gamal Abdelaziz -from the 6th of April youth group- to the 6th of September 2008. after a complaint submitted to the Prosecutor General with regards to the assault on the youth group on th e23rd of July 2008.

Cairo on 25st August 2008

The Investigation into the Assault of 6th of April Youth

The hearing on the case of the Assault on Ahmed Al-Iraqi and Bassem Fathi reported to the Attorney General about the attack on them upon their arrest on the 23rd of July, and the investigation continues tomorrow with Nour El-Din Hamdi and Tarek Gamal Abd El-Aziz.
The investigation was attended by:
• The Legal Unit for Support of Freedom of Expression / the Arab Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI)
• Hisham Mubarak Law Center

Cairo on 25st August 2008
12:00 Noon, Cairo time

Court Verdict is delayed in the court case of Nader Gohar

Alkhalifa Misdomeaner Court decided to delay its verdict with regards to the case of Nader Gohar. Mr. Gohar was accused of possessing mobile radio and broadcasting units and activating them inside
Egypt without permission from the National Department of Communications.

Cairo on 21st August 2008

The Text of the Verdict on the Case of the “Death’s Ferry”
The Text of the Verdict on the Case of Saad El Din Ibrahim

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information publishes the texts of the two rulings in two cases related to many of human rights issues and citizens rights in a safe homeland, freedom of expression, and right to justice.
They were published on, a website belongs to ANHRI
Firstly: for the text of the Ferry “ Assalam 98” known as Death’s Ferry in Arabic:

Secondly: the Text of the Case of Imprisoning Dr. Saad El Din Ibrahim in a political Hisba case in Arabic:

Tuesday 19th of August, 2008
02:00 pm

Press Conference of Solidarity with Dr. Saad Eldin Ibrahim was moved from Bar Association Club in Maadi to Ibn Khaldoun Center for Development Studies in Mokattam after threats from the Egyptian Security Apparatus not to host the conference at the Bar Association Club. The conference is to be held at
6:00 pm today.

Sunday, 17th of August, 2008
2:00 pm

Egyptian blogger Mohamed Refaat is released Nasr City Prosecution Office released the Egyptian blogger Mohamed Refaat who was detained on the 21st of July 2008 under the following charges:

1. Joining a group that established in contradiction with law and constitution which aims at elimination the rule of law, preventing governmental entities from practicing their jobs, violating public rights and personal freedom and harming national unity and social peace.
2. Possessing publications that promote the ideas of these group (according to State Security Case no. 1143/2008).
Mohamed Refaat is a student at Faculty of Mass Media and the founder of a blog spot entitled:

Wednesday 13th, August 2008
2:30 PM

Concluding the Investigations with the Journalists of Addustour and al Tariq and Releasing them from the Prosecution Quarters

The Northern Giza Prosecution concluded its investigations with each of Ibrahim Mansur the executive editor-in-chief of Addustour newspaper, Akram Omran, Khalid Ismail Ramdan from Addustour newspaper, and Gamal Al Assi editor-in-chief of Al Tariq newspaper in the case number 533 for the year 2008, Northern Giza, and released all of them, in its assessment of the accusation directed to them for publicity of information in the case of the Lebanese singer Suzanne Tamim despite the publish ban decree.

Legal Aid Unit for Freedom of Expression
Arabic Network for Human Rights Information

Saturday, 9 nd of August, 2008
3:00 pm

Details of 9th August Session on the Case of Almahla 6 April”s Events

The Judge: Mahmoud Samir Abd El Fatah, and Consultants: Mohamed Al Adawi, Bahaa El Din Khairat

Rights institutions attended

  1. ANHRI”s Legal Aid Unit for Freedom of Expression

  2. Hisham Mubarak Law Center

  3. Foundation of Freedom of Intellectuality and Expression

  4. Al Hilali Freedoms Foundation

  5. Center for Trade Unions and Workers” Services

  6. Legal Aid Group

  7. Amir Salem and Wafaa Al Msri (Lawyers)

The total number of the accused people in this case is 49, only 25 were present (24 imprisoned +1 detained)

The Decision: Review postponed until 1st of September, for identifying and warrant all of the released and those who fled, as well as inquiry about the detained, and arresting the accused Bahir Shawqi Al Dimyatti. The decision made also in consideration to the defense application to assign accounting and technical experts to estimate and evaluate the damages.

Saturday, 2nd of August, 2008

Another Violation of Freedom of Expression
Prof. Saad Eldin Ibrahim, Chairman of Ibn Khaldoun Centre for Developmental Studies, was sentenced to two years of imprisonment and he was bailed of 10.000 L.E. to suspend the implementation of the court verdict