The History of Andalusia

The History of Andalusia

I continue with the falsification of history and with what the Likudniks write about Granada, wherein they deny the tolerance of Islam and deny what they claim to be a distortion of Judeo-Christian heritage.

Each time I hear this phrase I shall respond to it. There is no such thing as a Judeo-Christian heritage, and the heritage of the Western Renaissance is entirely Christian, while Muslims contributed to it through the cultural bridge that was Andalusia. Also, the American heritage in particular has no traces of Jewish elements in it. The phrase above entered the false dictionary of politics only after the 1960s.

In the article on education that I mentioned yesterday, I found criticism of three thinkers that I know and respect in only one paragraph: Professor John Esposito was portrayed as an apologist for the Muslim Brotherhood organization, which is a thousand times less unscrupulous than being an apologist for a fascist war criminal and a thieving state, i.e. Israel.

Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi was also attacked, although compared to the Likudniks he is “one degree above the sun”, and also my friend Dr. Azaam Tamimi, because he spoke of martyrs, not suicide bombers. While I have always called for a halt to suicide attacks, Tamimi’s shoe remains more honorable than Avigdor Lieberman and his ilk.

I promised the reader yesterday not to burden him with heavy words about these extremists, and so I will continue with some history of Andalusia which I read in response to the Likudnik writer Charles Krauthammer, the man who is soiling the pages of the otherwise prestigious Washington Post with his extremism.

Krauthammer wrote about the suicide bombers and claimed that they have a long arm in the media and propaganda, although it is his likes in the Israel gang that actually control the global media. I say to the reader (as I would never address myself to Krauthammer) that it is Israel and its apologists abroad that spawned these suicide bombers. They are responsible for their rise and for their attacks because of the ongoing Israeli occupation and its crimes, decade after decade.

During the history which we witnessed, Abu Ammar and his comrades in the Palestinian resistance did not even find one suicide fighter in the 1970s, and so it came to pass that three commandos from the Japanese Red Army carried out the famous suicide attack at the Lod Airport in May 1972, killing 31 and injuring 80 others. Two of the attackers were killed and the third, Kozo Okamoto, was captured, and then released in 1980 in a prisoner swap.

In the book “The History of Andalusia”, citing Spanish history books, there is a story of a priest in Cordoba who was killed after he was accused of insulting the prophet and deriding Islam. Another priest followed suit and appeared before an Imam claiming he wanted to convert to Islam. However, he did like the first priest and was thus beheaded.

This appealed to the priests and others who outrivaled each other in insulting and deriding [Islam], until 11 of them were killed in less than two months. This upset Prince Abdul Rahman, who summoned the bishops of the church to prevent their suicide/martyrdom, but did not succeed. This then went on until the reign of Prince Mohammed I, who executed the bishop of Cordoba himself and was strict with the others in stopping them from sacrificing themselves.

After the Spanish suicidal priests there came the Japanese kamikaze, and then the Palestinians and Muslims who learned from others. If the Israelis do not commit suicide, this is because the evil gang including the lobby and others is sending American youths to the Middle East to be killed in wars that serve Israel.

Again, I say that there indeed had been persecution from time to time, and fanaticism. However, the land of Andalusia embraced everyone, and the Arabs liked the nature, climate and abundance of water [there].

In all of the above, the Jews have never been persecuted in any way differently than the rest of the peoples and communities. According to “the History of the Arabs” quoting Ibn Osaybi’a, “Cordoba emerged as a center of Talmudic studies, which presaged the era of Jewish culture in Spain. The Jews of Spain knew the language of the Arabs well, and imitated them in their clothing and social customs”.

Following the Reconquista and the Inquisition, the Jews left the country along with the Muslims. Those who went south to Morocco kept their faith until this day, and their descendants include Rabbi Ovaida Yosef who once said that Arabs are snakes, and recently prayed that the Palestinians die of the plague. All I want to say about him is that he is a swine.

I used the word above deliberately. The Jews who went north were known as the Marano, which back then meant swine because the Jews, like the Muslims, do not eat pork. During the Inquisition, the word also meant “dirty”, but is no longer used in that sense, whether in Spanish or Portuguese.

What matters is that the Marano started pretending to be Christians in the north for fear of death and practiced the rituals of their religion secretly in their homes. But several generations later, those Jews lost contact with their heritage, and became neither Christians nor Jews. Then Christian Europe murdered six million Khazari Jews.

In our countries, the Jews remained Jewish, but then the likes of Ovaida Yosef came to bite the hand that sheltered them, fed them and protected them.