The Hoax of Restoring my Account by YouTube

The Hoax of Restoring my Account by YouTube

I return to you after 30 days around the world which I spent in Beirut , Washington , New York , Rabat , Casablanca and Guadalajara in Mexico .


I”ll tell you later what I have been doing.


I didn”t have a sufficient time enough or even an internet connection to go online and blog.


Meanwhile, YouTube issued a press statement and released it to  news agencies saying it restored my account. The following is the text:



Our general policy against graphic violence led to the removal of videos documenting alleged human rights abuses because the context was not apparent
Having reviewed the case, we have restored the account of Egyptian blogger Wael Abbas. And if he chooses to upload the video again with sufficient context so that users can understand his important message, we will of course leave it on the site”

The press statement on Reuters
The press statement on FoxNews


I invite you to go to my account to be assured whether it was restored.


Actually my account hasn”t been restored!!!


All video posts which are related or not related to torture have been removed.

Also removed were counters of the number of visitors and hits

Also removed were responses and reactions


You Tube only tried to save its face which has been tarnished on western media and western and Egyptian weblogs.


Unfortunately, Western weblogs were more concerned about the issue of removing my account more than Egyptian ones.

People who differ in land and religion and even aren”t of my acquaintance but they stood by me.


“I thank all the Western bloggers who stood by me”

Only a very few number of Egyptian weblogs administered by close friends stood by me. Some of them even offered staging a campaign against YouTube. I really thank them very much.


All my effort of uploading 181 videos throughout the past three years has gone with the wind


They are 181 videos, not 100 as I thought first


They said I am allowed to upload them again on condition that I write a caption to show their content so that no misconception occurs.


Wasn”t this caption enough:


Egyptian police brutality

Is there any one who may consider Emad Al Kabir”s video for example a Gay Orgy

Or the video of the girl tied between two chairs a BDSM


I had already written on them


Egyptian police torturing a female murder suspect

Most videos were showing officers in their uniform


Will they consider it at YouTube

Police uniform fetish

To conclude


It was a hoax
YouTube restored an empty account
removed my 181 videos
along with all comment, ratings, video responses and statistics of numbers of visitors
the hard work of almost three years
they wanted only to save face at my expense
what more context would they ever want than what was already there

The campaign against YouTube hasn”t stopped

Thanks for every one who may help


Yahoo also restores my email account

On the occasion of scandal of YouTube

Yahoo has also restored my account without any damage to it

And they sent my the following message:

The situation you describe has been resolved.  I apologize for any
inconvenience this issue may have caused you.  Please be assured that
we”ll do our best to prevent such problems in the future

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