The Initial Results Suggest Run-off Election

The Initial Results Suggest Run-off Election

By Ahmad Mahmmud
The first phase of the parliamentary election comes to an end. Although the voting count does not start, some experts see that the run-off elections, in most of the districts of the 8 governorates, will be dominant outcome.


It is remarkable, according to accounts, that the National Democratic Party does not achieve an outstanding progress. On the other side, the Moslem Brotherhood nominees, especially in Monofiya and Assute governorates along with certain districts in Cairo and Giza, advanced.  


Contraventions in all districts were apparent, particularly in the district that has Moslem Brotherhood nominees. For example, the electoral numbers of candidates changed. The electoral registers were falsified.


The southern Giza districts witnessed strong confrontations between the NDP candidates and the MB nominees. In Al-Aquaz district, for instance, the NDP candidate, Saad el-Gamal, prevented all candidates’ agents from entering the polls. Some of his supporters, in addition, attacked the lawyers and the representatives of human right organizations. This incident was aired live on BBC radio station.


The most noticeable infringements committed against the Moslem Brotherhood nominees were in el-Sahel district, northern Cairo. The NDP candidate, Ali Radwan, and his supporters opened fire in the air in order to prevent voters to elect the MB nominee, Dr. Hazem Faroq. In addition, Radwan damaged a computer, was used to locate the polls for the voters. Moreover, rumors surfaced saying that Faroq is a terrorist. 


Few hours before the end of voting, security lack prevailed in many districts. In el-Siada Zeinab district, for example, a crowd of people tried to enter the polls to cast votes. They, furthermore, dismissed the candidates’ agents. On the other hand, a number of supervisory judges halt these violations.   


In the Upper Egypt governorates, Bany Soaf, el-Meniya and Assute, the turnout was some how low. The Moslem Brotherhood candidates were supported by most of the leading figures.



All Arab and foreign mass media that covered the polling day said that the election witnessed contraventions committed by the NDP nominees. The American News Times cited Dr. Muhammad Kamal, a member of the Political Committee of the NDP, as admitting these infringements.


The exploitation of the State bodies in supporting the NDP, vote buying and voter terror are the explicit remarks of the international and Arab media over the parliamentary election.


Meanwhile, Shyfankom Movement (means ’we see you’ in Arabic) detected many of these violations, especially, the enter permission to polls that was restricted to the NDP nominees while the opposition candidates were prevented.