The killing of children and women in Gaza

The killing of children and women in Gaza


The killing of children and women in Gaza is a stain of disgrace in the annals of history.

The group "Muslim Brotherhood” denounces the shameful silence of the international community towards the crimes inflicted upon children and women in the Gaza Strip. The continuous random shelling by the Zionist entity on the sector has, until now, killed more than 500 children and 270 women.

While the group condemns these crimes, which are considered war crimes according to international laws, it reminds the international community of what historical experiences have proven: the memory and awareness of peoples are resistant to dilution and deception.

What’s happening in Gaza towards civilians, especially women and children, will be recorded in the pages of disgrace in human history, bearing witness to both its perpetrators and those who remain silent about it.

{And those who have wronged will know to which [kind of] return they will be returned} (Ash-Shu’ara: 227).

Eman Mahmoud

Spokeswoman for the Muslim Brotherhood

Friday, 28th Rabi’ al-Awwal 1445H, 13th October 2023 AD.