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  • December 27, 2007
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The last moments in Benazir Bhutto’s life in photos

The last moments in Benazir Bhutto’s life in photos

The last few minutes or moments that separated Benazir Bhutto from death captured in photos

still feel very sad and angry .

Musharraf made a stupid statement calling the people to stay in their homes , no body is listening ,her supporters and the people are now in the streets all over Pakistan mostly in Karachi ,her home town.

Nawaz Sherif went to the hospital and spoke briefly , I do not know I feel that there is mix of Sadness and fear in his voice , yes now there is no one to compete with except Masharf , in fact may be he is afraid because he knows that he will be next in the assassination list in order to clear the way in front of the dictator or may be he is afraid from how things will be in Pakistan after this terrible terrorist act.

Musharraf for sure will use this act to his side , already this is the best thing he needs in order to impose again the Marshal laws or the emergency laws what ever they are called there. BBC World Spoke this afternoon on the phone with Benazir”s Nephew Asim Bhutto and he said that he expected that the former General will do so , well he will do it ,but not now because now it will be very obvious ,it will the people more angry and surely America will be mad, of course he cares only for the U.S anger.I expect that tomorrow Friday insh Allah there will be huge protests after the Friday Prayers”s across the country , the violence will be escalated in the street and thus there will be a huge need for the Marshal laws in order to restore order. Already the elections can be adjourned in this case and I expect this to happen

Some Expert in the Nile News said that Musharraf can”t be behind it , well he can be indirectly , again Asim Bhutto alive on BBC accused some members in the secret service to be behind the act saying that from short time “I remember that I read this” late Bhutto complained to the general about two brothers in the secret services who wanted to get rid of her by name

Already from the Size of the first attack in Karachi and today”s act I will say that definitely some parties in the current regime have hands in it , already in both acts people noticed that there were no enough security on her life. Today”s act was planned and implemented in a way to kill her and not to let her survive like in Karachi , the suicide bomber first shot her in her head and nick “deadly wounds” then blow himself to be sure she was dead all the way , well she was dead along with other 20 people , no respect what so ever to the human souls !!!

The Al-Jazeera and most western channels are speaking about the Islamic groups in the country to be behind the act as she was promising to get rid of them as soon as she becomes the prime minister , first of all this is vague accusation , there is no serious investigation and if we jump to this conclusion now before 24 hours passes on the incident then we are helping the real people behind to escape.


Former Director General of Inter-Services Intelligence Hamid Gul,the regular guest on Al-Jazeera screen said that on the phone it was too early to determine who was actually behind , and that sort of terrorist acts people may never know who did it

Already the man opened his fire on Musharraf and his regime saying that the assassination of Benazir Bhutto demonstrates the “failure” of Pervez Musharraf’s government and calls for a “consensus government.”

On the other hand the Islamic group in the Pakistan in a Phone call with Al-Jazeera denied any connection with the act on the contrary they attacked also Musharraf”s saying that his policies led the country to this dead end, they also underestimated the role of the Bhutto”s threats to the Islamists as a reason behind her murder.

Well one sure of this Benazir was killed in order to secure Musharraf”s Chair

IN Egypt all the people I know are extremely sad for assassination seriously ,the woman was respected in many way

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