• March 27, 2006
  • 3 minutes read

The Legacy of Ahmed Yassin

The Legacy of Ahmed Yassin

Ahmed Yassin will always be remembered for his steadfastness, faith, and strength. This physically impaired man was an exceptional human being and charismatic leader. He was paralyzed since childhood, nearly blind, and hard of hearig. Yassin was in the fact the strongest man in Palestine.

His inner strength was derived from his faith, and this in turn made him the man that Israel feared the most. It took a half ton bomb sanctioned and delivered by Israel to kill a crippled man bound to a wheelchair soon after he performed the most purifying prayer for a Muslim- the Dawn Prayer. What a glorifying end for an extraordinary man!

Ahmed Yassin was not a terrorist. The only people he terrorized were the enemies of his stolen land, the killers who slaughtered women and children, the perpetrators of Deer Yassin and the Sabra & Shatilla massacres. These were the real terrorists.

Opponents of Ahmed Yassin accuse him of being the mastermind of Palestinian terror, promising “suicide bombers” the achievement of martyrdom if they were willing to die for the sake of the dignity of Palestinians and in view of a longer-term victory agaisnt their occupiers. They consider blowing up an enemy with an explosive belt strapped to the body terrorism because it is the only weapon available. However, they do not categorize blowing up people with missiles and tanks as terrorism! These are the same people, who are calling Ahmed Yassin a terrorist, and are indeed calling Ariel Sharon, despite his bloody path,   a peace hero,which says a lot about their “sound reasoning”

Ahmed Yassin was an inspiration to young generations of Palestinians who saw in the man a symbol of their struggle to liberate their land. Yassin provided a vivid example of a faithful on a wheelchair, who frightened an enemy with huge arsenals and brought it to its knees.  Israel killed Ahmed Yassin thinking by his disappearance Hamas will go in disarray and the flame of resistance will fade away. Well, they were wrong again. Today, Mesha’al, Hanya, Al zahar and the sons of Yassin are in power unleashing the spirit of resistance at all levels against ruthless enemy until their land is liberated. Moreover, they are determined to rebuild their society and clean up the mess created by decades of corruption. Thanks to Ahmed Yassin and his legacy, Palestine now is in good hands.

Khaled Salam