The liar of Washington is not welcome in Palestine

The liar of Washington is not welcome in Palestine

President Bush, the notorious liar of Washington,  is about to embark on a four-day visit to the Middle East, a region that has suffered immensely  and continues to suffer as a direct result of his stupid and criminal  policies.

The declared aim of the visit is to advance the prospects of peace between an obviously insolent Israel,  whose leaders are convinced  that the Jewish lobby controls America from coast to coast, and a pathetic Palestinian Authority (PA) that increasingly resembles the Jewish “judenrate” under the Nazis during WWII.

However, it is widely believed that the real goal behind the visit is to instigate, or more correctly, bully Arab states, especially in the Gulf region, to take a more hostile approach toward Iran, all in the service of Israeli interests and to ensure Israel’s regional military and strategic supremacy.

Bush knows quite well that many people around the world, including American puppet regimes in the Arab world, are no longer willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, at least with regard to Iran’s alleged military nuclear program.

Indeed, the recent publication in Washington  of  the  intelligence report on Iran, which established that the Iranian government  had actually  terminated a non-civilian nuclear program in 2003, has greatly embarrassed Bush and his administration and infuriated  the gung-ho Zionist circles  which had been aggressively  pushing Washington to invade or even nuke Iran.

Hence, the present  attempt by Bush to re-establish the  anti-Iran coalition on behalf of Israel.

In Israel,  Bush will try to sound more Zionist than Herzl and more Israeli than Olmert. He will reiterate America’s “iron-clad” commitment to Israel’s security, irrespective of how many new Jewish-only settlements the Olmert government  is building and planning to build  in the West Bank. (The Israeli Defense Ministry is refusing to release a confidential report on settlement expansion lest this hurt Israel’s image)!!

He will tell Israeli leaders that America fully supports  demands that the Palestinians should  recognize Israel as a “Jewish state” whereby Israeli citizens who don’t follow the Jewish faith, e.g. Christians and Muslims,  are treated as children of a lesser God and  even  as temporary citizens because  they don’t belong to the “holy tribe.”

He might also reassert the pledges he had made to the now-comatose former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon that Israel could keep the major colonies established on occupied Palestinian land since 1967.   Bush is likely to do this rather nonchalantly, and with shamelessly wide-open eyes,   as if the West Bank were part of the Bush’s family estate in Texas.

And, of course, he will not forget to  laud Israel for murdering as many as 30 Palestinians  and maiming  numerous others since the beginning of 2008…”because Israel has the right to defend itself.”

From West Jerusalem, Bush will travel to Ramallah to meet with PA leaders who  can no longer  distinguish between empty posturing and an honest, genuine commitment to peace and justice based on international law. 

There, Bush will  parrot his proverbial vision about seeing two states, Palestine and Israel, living side by side, in peace. Well, isn’t the President a man of vision after all?  Didn’t he claim that the Almighty told him to do what he did in Iraq and Afghanistan!!!

The President will also seek to assure Abbas and his careerist hangers-on that the contemplated Palestinian state, or state-let, is going to be “viable,” but without telling them what “viability” will mean in real terms.

Finally,  Bush will travel to Bethlehem for  a spiritual encounter with  the aura of Jesus Christ,  when in fact Bush’s evil discourse ever since his inauspicious arrival at  the  White house seven years ago  constitutes the exact antithesis of everything that Jesus preached. Indeed, Bush’s behaviors and acts are a cancer upon the conscience of Christianity.

Undoubtedly, Jesus will not be proud of George Bush  just as Muhammed, the Prophet of Islam, won’t be proud of those  who kill innocent people in the name of Islam.

At the street level, Bush is going to meet the same  reception any liar and criminal would deserve.

We are talking, after all, about a man who invaded, occupied and destroyed two sovereign  nations, and killed or caused the death of a million human beings, based on lies.

We are talking about a man who created millions of orphans and widows and bereaved people, thanks to wicked policies based on ignorance, mendacity, hate, racism and bellicosity. A man who has morphed the United States into a police state whose name is now associated with torture, renditions, Guantanamo,  and Abu Ghreib.

Bush is a little man, but a big evil. In 2006, he and his administration pushed the Palestinian Authority to organize general elections in the hope that the polls would produce a quisling-like government that would accommodate Israel’s territorial expansion designs and ambitions.

However, when the Palestinian masses disappointed him  by  choosing  a national government that refused to recognize the Israeli occupation and give up Palestinian rights, Bush enlisted  the entire world against the  newly democratically-elected government, pushing hundreds of thousands of innocent Palestinians to the brink of poverty and starvation.

Eventually, Bush’s policies led to a real implosion within the Palestinian society, unprecedented  in its  harshness since the Nakba or catastrophe of 1948, as American-armed and American-financed agents sought to decapitate Hamas, forcing  the Islamic movement to root out America’s agents from the Gaza Strip.

Then, Bush, a man who has the tongue of a  Judas, the heart of a  Hitler, and the mind of an imbecile,  acquiesced to the Nazi-like blockade the Judeo-Nazi regime  of Israel has been imposing on 1.5 million Gazans, ostensibly for the purpose of bullying them to turn against the Hamas-led government.

This is the same Bush who continues to speak about “peace” between Israel and the Palestinians while keeping silent in the face of unrelenting Israeli settlement expansion which flies in the face of everything said during the recent Annapolis conference in Maryland.

So, how could a man as such be trusted, or even respected?

How could any dignified Palestinian, Arab, or Muslim, or even any  human being of conscious, accord respect to such a man?

In truth, George Bush reflects and epitomizes the moral decadence of our time. This is why he is unwelcome in this land.