“The martyred president… His memory will remain a beacon for the revolutionaries and an inspiration for the free.

“The martyred president… His memory will remain a beacon for the revolutionaries and an inspiration for the free.

In a critical historical moment, the martyred President Mohamed Morsi emerged from the womb of the January revolution; he strived with all his might to liberate Egypt from tyranny and dependency, and he outlined – with steady steps – the features of Egypt's independent will and power..

The martyred president, during the few months he governed, created a new reality and inaugurated a phase unlike its predecessors, and left a legacy, the effects thereof have persisted after his ascension as a martyr, faithful to the covenant, steadfast in principle, he did not compromise and did not accept the world in exchange for his religion or his homeland, or the legitimacy granted to him by the people's will.

Four years have passed since his martyrdom, but he remains a thorn in the side of his adversaries, who fear even to hear his name or discussing his positions and achievements, or allude to the project for which he sacrificed his life; which title was: the independence of the nation's will, and its ownership of the essentials of its life and security, food, medicine, and weapons.

The memory of the man haunts them despite the passing of these years, so their poisoned loud speakers of the media spew hundreds of articles, reports, interventions, dialogues, and statements; attacking him and attempting to diminish his project and affiliation..

The martyred President Mohamed Morsi will remain – despite the haters and envious ones – a flag on a civilizational project for the renaissance of the nation, and a sign of tireless efforts to liberate it and transition to the democratic path..

The memory of the martyred president will remain alive in the hearts of Egyptians, a beacon for revolutionaries and an inspiration for the free.. It will remain a light on the path to the people's independent will and liberation from the grip of dictatorship and enslavement.

A salute to the spirit of the martyred hero president.. and a salute to his loyal, steadfast brothers in the prisons of injustice and tyranny.

And Allah is the greatest and all praise is due to him

Dr. Mahmoud Hussein… Acting as the General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood

Saturday 28 Dhul-Qadah 1444 AH corresponding to June 17, 2023."