The MB Arranges Anti-ballot-rigging Protests

The MB Arranges Anti-ballot-rigging Protests
Islam online
By Ahmed Fathy

More than 3000 of the Moslem Brotherhood members arranged a massive demonstration, in front of a major mosque in Giza governorate. They protested what they termed ballot-rigging for the favor of the candidate of the National Democratic Party in Doky district, Amal Othman, against the Moslem Brotherhood nominee, Hazem Abu Isma’il.  


The demonstrators chanted condemning the election falsification. They also censured the voting process. They, in addition, carried aloft a photo of the judge who rigged the poll result in el-Doky district. The protestors demanded a re-election to be held.


The Egyptian police arrested, for a short time, eight demonstrators.  “They are detained because they attacked policemen”, a police source told Reuters.


“The voting outcome was rigged by Muhammad el-Faqy, the electoral supervisor judge over the Doky polling station. He ripped the true election result and made up unreal outcome,” said the MB candidate, Hazem Abu Isma’il to Islam online. Early, Abu Isma’il was announced as the winning candidate of the district.   


“El-Faqy has dismissed all candidates, electoral monitors, and lawyers out of the polling station at 2am. Accompanied by Abdel Wahab Khalail, the second-to-command in Giza State Security, el-Faqy stayed alone for eight hours. Meanwhile, closely guarded bunches of paper are taken in and out,” Abu Isma’il added.


“The initial vote counting shows me leading the NDP nominee with a wide margin,” he explained. He also revealed that he has submitted a contest to the Supreme Electoral Commission, regards this fraud.


In his statement to el-Misery el-Yom newspaper, Abu Isma’il hinted to the movement’s intention to go on strike and to arrange large-scale protests, if the re-election request is rejected. The Supreme Electoral Commission, supervised the election process, stated that the hasty announcement of Abu Isma’il’s win was a result of the Moslem Brotherhood’s rush to declare the outcome before finishing vote counting. Thus, the Moslem Brotherhood is the responsible for this confusion.


In connection to this, the Moslem Brotherhood said, on its internet site, that the movement will hold a press conference, on Nov.12th, at its headquarters, to reveal the proceedings of the first phase of the Egyptian parliamentary election.


According to the final results of the first stage of the parliamentary election, held on Nov.9th, the Moslem Brotherhood won four parliament seats while 32 of its nominees will vie for run-off election, due to be held on the nest Tuesday. At the same time, the NDP, the ruling party, won 27 seats.