The MB bloc calls on Europe’s delegation to expose the blockade

The MB bloc calls on Europe’s delegation to expose the blockade

The MB Parliamentary bloc called on the European Parliamentary delegation, which consists of 50 MPs representing 12 European countries, including 17 MPs from the European Parliament, which arrived to Gaza to reflect a true image of the suffering of the Palestinian people and their humanitarian needs to the Egyptian Parliament.


Dr. Hamdy Hassan, Assistant Secretary-General of the Parliamentary bloc, stressed

his desire for the European countries to adopt a more just stance towards democracy

in general and the matters of the Palestinian people in particular. He hoped that they

would not follow their US counterparts lead and practice the double standard policy.

He called on the delegation to reject the Israeli’s policies on the people of the

occupied lands and to demand the implementation of the provisions of the

international law.


He expressed his appreciation of the positive stance of the Egyptian government, which allowed the European delegation to visit Gaza through the Rafah crossing point, but marveled at its stance in refusing to let an Egyptian delegation visit the Gaza Strip.


Hassan called on the world to reject this unjust blockade, and to adopt policies and take necessary steps to decrease the impact of this blockade or to beak it.