• MB News
  • December 17, 2010
  • 4 minutes read

The MB Describes the Regime as Weak and Calls for the Release of Al-Shater

The MB Describes the Regime as Weak and Calls for the Release of Al-Shater

The Muslim Brotherhood has accused the regime of being weak because of the continuation of a forged parliament and the failure to implement judicial rulings which ruled that it is void, as well as having ignored the objections of national and political powers, meaning that the regime insists on ruling and controlling state institutions by force so as not to be held accountable.


In their weekly letter, the MB affirmed their respect for state institutions and the need for reforming them, maintaining them and ensuring that they are operating according to the Constitution to achieve the interests and benefit the people. They considered the current situation as ruling these institutions by force and this requires uniting the efforts of the opposition in order to get rid of “the fraud, bullying, manipulation and misuse of power”.


The MB called on the media, institutions and human rights organizations to expose the corrupted practices practiced by the government. They called on the Egyptian people and members of the MB inside and outside Egypt to continue signing the seven demands of reform as the beginning of general development. They considered any discussion that the signatures are not important, after the elections were forged, as aiming to weaken the people’s will and instil despair among people that reform is just a dream.


They stressed that the millions of votes represent both Muslims and Christians and call for the rights of people’s freedom and respecting their will in the direct choice of MPs and rulers. They called on all citizens to continue to reject the forged parliament and to expose the “2010 election scandals” with all peaceful means through the media, increasing awareness between Egyptian citizens both inside Egypt and abroad, to deprive the government of peace after they committed this heinous crime, thinking people would forget.


On the anniversary of the fourth year of Khairat Al-Shater’s imprisonment, the MB called for the release of Khairat Al-Shater, deputy chairman, and Hassan Malek, businessman, and the rest of MB detainees and lifting the injustices they and a great number of people suffer from.