The MB Detainees in Giza are Released

The MB Detainees in Giza are Released
By Megahd Meligy

Within one hour, Giza police set the members of the Moslem Brotherhood free, who were arrested during their protest arranged on Nov.11th.


The Moslem Brotherhood in Giza organized a demonstration, in which the spokesman of the MB nominees condemned the ballot-rigging in Doky and Kardasa districts, to modify the voting result for the favor of the candidate of the National Democratic Party, Amal Othman. 


“I told Muhammad el-Faqy, the electoral supervisor judge in Doky district,’ you are not entitled to deprive the candidates from their right to know the counting outcome. You stayed with Abdel Wahab Kratam for eight hours and dismissed us outside, an incident which is illegal. For law gives candidates the right to supervise the public counting process,’” said Hazem Abu Isma’il, the Moslem Brotherhood nominee in Doky district.


“I call all independent and opposing candidates, who will stand for run-off election, for being careful and ready to force the government to be transparent. The ruling system has to comply with the national will. It should recognize its increasing unpopularity” Abu Isma’il added.


Meanwhile, the Moslem Brotherhood nominee in Kardasa district, Abdel Salam Bashandy, stated that “the head of the electoral counting commission declined to announce the voting result. Instead he held a close meeting, for four hours, with some security figures.”


“More than 10.000 demonstrators gathered in front of the counting commission. They voiced their concern about an intention of announcing my deliberately defeated, though I have got more than 55% of votes; a situation which is similar to what happened in 2000 election. Accordingly, Giza police along with thousands of riot policemen besieged the counting station. Under the pressure of demonstrators, the counting outcome is announced; I will run for a reelection in spite of my sweeping win,” Bashandy explained.