The MB has 60 Nominees in 2nd Phase of Election

The MB has 60 Nominees in 2nd Phase of Election


By Ahmed el-Talawy


The second stage of the parliamentary election starts, on Nov.20th, in nine governorates; Alex, Behaira, Ismalayia, Suez, Port Said, Qalubiya, Garbiya, Qena, and Fayoum. In this stage, 1706 candidates contest in 72 districts. The run-off election of this phase will be held on Nov.26.


The Moslem Brotherhood nominated 60 candidates to run for this phase, among them 12 representatives of the term-expired parliament.


Observers think that the Moslem Brotherhood will win more seats, in this stage, following the great success achieved in the first phase of the parliamentary election, especially since the Moslem Brotherhood has an influential presence in some governorates such as in Alex and in Garbiya.


In addition to the Moslem Brotherhood’s nominees, the National Democratic Party has 144 candidates while the National Front for Change appointed 81 nominees, besides the independent nominees and the candidates of the other political powers.