The MB Marsh in el-Wasety is attacked

The MB Marsh in el-Wasety is attacked
Ikhwan online
By Muhammad Sho’ab

The supporters of the National Democratic Party candidate, Essam Khallaf, have attacked the supporters of the Moslem Brotherhood’s nominee, Muhammad el-Deeb, in Akfer Abteeg, Bany Sowaf governorate.

Former female prisoners ripped the posters of the MB candidate. They also insulted and threw stones on his supporters. In return some youth of the MB quarreled with these women till the MB nominee and others interfered to stop this fight. This incident provoked people of Abteeg to back the MB candidate and contemn the NDP nominee.

It is notice that the rate of such incidents increases as a result of the growing support of the MB candidate. On the other hand, Essam Khallaf’s, the NDP’s candidate who resigned from his post to stand for the election, popularity decreases.

It is said that the NDP candidate’s brother, who is a judge, will participate in appointing election commissions and the supervisory judges over the election polls. This piece of news makes people of the district disconnect.