The MB Stands for Justice and Freedom

The MB Stands for Justice and Freedom

The Muslim Brotherhood condemned the assassination of Osama bin Laden stressing that every person who is accused of a crime has the right to be put on trial.

The MB is the best organized and most influential opposition group in Egypt and has a legacy of decades of social service and advocacy for the Egyptian people.Maintaining a tolerant and ethical stance on political issues, the MB has successfully merged Islamic principles into modern day politics and was a significant support throughout the January 25 Revolution. The MB has reiterated, before and after the demise of Bin Laden, that Al-Qaeda does not represent Islam.

The Brotherhood was repressed under the Mubarak regime for decades and has now emerged as a significant political force, ready to participate in parliamentary elections later this year. In the wake of the revolution, the MB has called for national unity, urging the end to sedition and acting as a unifying force between Egypt ‘s Muslims and Christians. Calling for justice and the will of the people, the Brotherhood maintains the rights of all citizens to stand equal before the law and likewise calls for national autonomy and sovereign rights. Basing its stances of Islamic ethics, the MB does not support the role of international forces overtly assassinating any person without trial.

The MB believes in democracy based on Islamic reference, rejects violence and terrorism, and calls for the Western world to stop linking Islam with terrorism and to correct the erroneous image that has been intentionally promoted for a long time, especially after the 9/11 attacks.

The Brotherhood sees that problems in the Middle East are best solved by the citizens of that region and that the US should not interfere in their internal affairs.