The Ministry Of Transportation In Kuwait Controls Blogs And Web Sites.

The Ministry Of Transportation In Kuwait Controls Blogs And Web Sites.

The Arabic Network For Human Rights Information, ANHRI, warns of the gravity of the news spreading that the Kuwaiti ministry of transportation is monitoring blogs and web sites. It is an alarming precedent ,offensive to freedom of opinion and expression and an explicit attempt of gagging and primarily, it is an obvious constitutional violation.

Media reports published the declarations of the minister of transportation, that monitoring blogs is not spying but rather to keep the society intact and secure. MPs and bloggers regard this measures an attempt of murder of democracy and declared their refusal of the minister’s confessions and excuses.

Kuwaiti bloggers set a date for holding a press conference to declare their refusal to any freedom restricting measure referring to that there exists no law in Kuwait authorizing any official to close or screen web sites or blogs.

Offense on blogs in Kuwait dates back to the last parliament elections when some internet service companies screened some blogs in compliance with regulations and authorities given to these companies by the government

Article # 39 in the Kuwaiti law states that ” the freedom of correspondence by post ,telegraph , telephone is protected and confidentiality is guaranteed. Correspondences are not to be monitored or disclosed except in the cases declared in the law and according to the listed proceedings within”.

Kuwaiti bloggers attribute the declaration and measures of the minister to the fact that their blogs are debating and indulging in real society problems without calculations and balancing of interests that are bounding to printed papers owners.

ANHRI requested the Kuwaiti authorities to retreat from this decision that is so degrading to the state , aiming to silence young bloggers who reflect a true image of society.

ANHRI asserts on the due respect of the right of the Kuwaiti bloggers to express themselves and expose the problems of the Kuwaiti society so as not to let them live the same nightmare of the Egyptian bloggers who are pursued daily because of their writings.