The Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on the Zionist

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on the Zionist
In the midst of repeated threats by the Zionist aggression army to launch a new war on the Gaza Strip, the Israeli Knesset (the Zionist parliament), on Thursday, issued the "Nationality Law" that culminates the racist, colonial, settler, depopulatory nature of this Zionist entity in its ugliest form and represents, with the decision to transfer the US embassy to Jerusalem, a serious aggression aimed at the liquidation of the Palestinian cause, as it strips the people of the 1948 occupied Palestine, the true owners of the land, their inherent inalienable rights to their country, and turns them into foreigners, and denies, under the eyes and sight of the world, the Palestinian refugees’ right of return to their homeland.

This law embodies Zionism’s arrogance, and flagrant disregard for the resolutions of international legitimacy and the United Nations, enshrining the law of the jungle and justifying the extermination of Palestinians in the twenty first century.
The Muslim Brotherhood stresses that such ‘laws’ and extremist decisions would not had been issued by the Zionist racist entity without the state of regional and international silence or complacency over the crimes of the occupation, and its heinous violations, as well as the unlimited US support for the racist approach of the Zionist entity.

The group affirms such racist laws will not change anything, and the Palestinian peoples will remain to be the rightful sovereign over their  homeland, stressing that these aggressive Israeli policies require the unity, empowerment and cohesion of the Palestinian people with its various components, and calls for an urgent accord on a national strategy that adequately protects the peoples’ rights, defends their capabilities, and confronts all these conspiracies and serious challenges.

The United Nations, the European Union and the entire world are called upon to act swiftly to stop this new aggression on the rights of the Palestinian people in compliance with international laws and resolutions and to preserve their credibility.

We appeal to the Arab and Muslim peoples, and the free world to continue their support for the struggle of the Palestinian people until liberating its homeland, and establishing their independent State with Al Quds (Jerusalem) as its capital.

Muslim Brotherhood
Friday, 7 Dhu Al Qi’dah, 1439 AH,
July 20, 2018