The Muslim Brotherhood, Ninety Years of Giving

The Muslim Brotherhood, Ninety Years of Giving

The Muslim Brotherhood celebrated its 90th anniversary under the title "Ninety Years of Giving" at the Amir Effendi Cultural Center in Istanbul.

The ceremony was attended by dozens of Muslim Brotherhood leaders throughout the world, including Ibrahim Mounir, deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, Khalid Meshaal former head of Hamas political bureau, and a number of Muslim Brotherhood leaders from Jordan and Somalia.

Ibrahim Mounir said that "the group did not defer humanitarian and global issues, including the issue of Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which the group has placed at the top of its priorities."

He added that "Ninety years have passed since the inception of our movement; and it’s still alive despite the various episodes of assassination and persecution”

He pointed out the Muslim Brotherhood is  committed to issues of freedom in Egypt, Palestine, Arakan, and Syria and fighting injustices side by side with all honorable in the world."

Mounir stressed that "the group was able to establish a new concept of change; and a new model in education, economics and politics, and provided many of the integrated visions stemmed from Islamic thought."

For his part, Khaled Meshaal said that "great Turkey opens its great heart to the Muslim Brotherhood and non-Muslims alike, and through this embrace God will protect Turkey."

He pointed out that "the sincerity blessing has sustained and spread the movement of the Muslim Brotherhood, and that inclusiveness is closer to the nature of life, which is what Imam Al Banna adopted in politics, economics, beliefs, and spirituality."

He added that "moderation and tolerence are closer to normal self, and extremism does not last, although it is stunningly loud in the atmosphere. Some parties attribute extremism to the Muslim Brotherhood, but it is innocent."

He followed that "Renewal is life’s necessity as well as courage in assessment, self-criticism, and acknowledgement of mistake. Muslim Brotherhood should criticize itself, because it raises its stature and increases the public trust”

He called for "adopting more coexistence with others, even if that other hurts us. We need to master the national equation dynamics, without forgetting our concerns as an Ummah, and we need to manage the situation and the regional and international reality wisely."

In his speech on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood youth, Suhaib Abd Al Maqsoud said that "the resolve comes from young people who have not given up or despaired despite the state of the Ummah, but they hope for victory from God."

He stressed that "we must remind ourselves to always line up with the truth, because the tyrants all over the world mobilize against this movement as it threatens the thrones of the oppressors."

For his part, Dr. Hammam Said, the former chief of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan, said that "pains have cycles, and that the cycle of Islam’s reemergence begins with the new generations."

"The Muslim Brotherhood’s Call came for the removal of falsehood, colonialism and ignorance," Said added. "The group worked to build an organized Islamic thought and present Islam in comprehensive perspective."