• October 29, 2005
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the Muslim Brotherhood Abandons 30 Election Districts

the Muslim Brotherhood Abandons 30 Election Districts

The Egyptian Election
the Muslim Brotherhood Abandons 30 Election Districts for the National Front

The Middle East Agency

Asharq Alawsat 

In an unexpected decision that will flame the Egyptian parliamentary election, Dr. Muhammad Habeeb, the first vice of the Supreme Guide of the banned Moslem Brotherhood, uncovered that the movement resolved to vacate a number of election districts to the candidates of the National Front for Change, which consists of the opposing political powers, that is designed to defy the National Democratic Party.


In his statements to Middle East, Habeeb added that the movement decided to clear out the district of Kafer el-Shake to the al-Tagamoa Party’s leader, Khaled Mohy el-Dean. Nevertheless, the MB candidate of this district will be standby, fearing that Khaled would undergo any health troubles.


Habeeb remarked that the MB candidates, who are supposed to stand aside, are about to finish the relevant masseurs. He declined to disclose the exact number of those candidates. He, however, alluded that these candidates have already launched their electoral campaigns. He said that the MB candidates amount to 130, now. 


On the other side, learnt sources in the Moslem Brotherhood, asked to be unidentified, stated that 30 electoral districts are due to be abandoned. This decision is an indication that the Moslem Brotherhood is willing to have good relations with other opposing powers. In addition, the movement is eager to withdraw its long-shot candidates.


Habeeb stressed that there are many considerations for clearing out. Among them, if the opposing candidate is welcome such as Khaled Mohy el-Dean, the founder of al-Tagamoa Party. Upon the request of the National Front, in which the party takes part, the MB nominee of this district is due to stand aside. Habeeb, meanwhile, sidestepped the question if this decision is made upon personal request of Khaled Mohy, or of Rafat el-Said, the head of the party, or of a third party.


It is worth mentioning that the Moslem Brotherhood’s relation with al-Tagamoa party is tension-characterized as a result of the severe attack of its head on the MB.


Habeeb explained that the coordination between the MB and the National Front is up to 98%, adding that it is impossible to achieve full cooperation. For the MB candidates, in some electoral districts, are viable. So it is unreasonable to ask them to desist.


He also stated that the members of the Moslem Brotherhood are suggested to vote for the National Front’s nominees, in order to resist any security influence. Yet, Habeeb voiced his concern that the election is going to be rigged, via unprecedented frauds; to use unexamined electorate, to move the pro-MB voters to new and unknown polls, in order to create confession, and to enroll pro-NDP voters in more than one election commissions, in order to be able to elect the NDP candidates more than once.