The Muslim Brotherhood and Politics

The Muslim Brotherhood and Politics
  • Does the Muslim Brotherhood want to govern?
  • Why does the Muslim Brotherhood practice politics?
  • Will the Brotherhood abandon their call for political action?

The Muslim Brotherhood since its advent has been guided by the slogan “Allah is our objective, the Messenger is our exemplar, the Qur’an is our constitution, jihad is the path we choose, and death for the sake of Allah is our highest aspiration.”

The Brotherhood seeks reformation of the world through religion and connects human actions and behaviour with Islam, through observance and adherence to the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger ﷺ. One of the aims that Allah has set down for man is the development and urbanization of the earth. Hence. Islam comprises all aspects of reform, and therefore the Muslim Brotherhood addresses all spheres wherein they operate. The Brotherhood are thus in pursue of Islam in its all-inclusiveness, as Islam cannot exist but under an authority that executes its provisions and advocates its principles.

The Aim of the Brotherhood and their political goals

The Brotherhood aims to establish a free Islamic State within a free homeland that operates in accordance to the rulings of Islam, through implementation of its social system, advocating its true values, and conveying sensible propagation to people. As long as this state is not established, all Muslims are considered sinful and are responsible before Allah, the Most High, the Great, for their negligence and failure to establish it.

In order to realise this objective, the teachings of Islam must be disseminated within society, in order to bring into existence the Muslim individual, the Muslim home and Muslim people. For Islamic awareness to succeed that influences all aspects of life and colouring it with the tint of Islam. We want to think in an Islamic manner, based on Islam alone. We want to be distinguished and proud of our Islamic history and civilization.

Scholars have stated that the objective of governance is to guard religion and the politics of the world, that is – that the ruler must be keen to institute Islamic injunctions and principles and be mindful of the interests of the public. This is essentially what the Muslim Brotherhood demands from every government. Anyone who thinks that Islam excludes politics has wronged himself and Islam.

The Islamic State is solely established on the basis of propagation, to such an extent that the state becomes a state of communication, just as Islamic propagation is solely effected under the protection of the State, which guarantees its preservation and dissemination. Our first error is that we have forgotten this belief, and in effect, have practically severed religion from politics. Although the constitution in every Muslim country stipulates that Islam is the official religion of the state, the practices of so called Islamic governments are however (questionably) in another valley.

The Brotherhood's own goals

The first goal of the Brotherhood is to contribute to the common good, whatever its colour and type, and to serve society where circumstances allow. Every member of the Brotherhood is charged with purification of the self, straighten his path, and prepare his spirit, mind, and body, and then he is required to disseminate this spirit amongst his family, friends, and environment.

The second goal is to return to true Islam as it was brought by the Messenger ﷺ – a system and a point of reference, as a religion and a state, as legislation and implementation. The system has remained and the leader disappeared, religion has continued but the state was lost, legislation flourished yet implementation was absent.

Methods of the Muslim Brotherhood:

The general methods are:

  • Persuasion and dissemination of the call by all means so that public opinion understands it and supports it on the basis of belief and faith.
  • Extraction of positive elements to be the firm pillars of the idea of reform.
  • Then constitutional scuffle to have the call raised in official circles and be supported by executive force.

Brotherhood and the quest for power

Many think that the Muslim Brotherhood’s call was initiated as a religious one, whereafter a few years, they moved into the political arena. This is an incorrect assumption which is premised on a secular ideology that separates religion and politics. The call of the Muslim Brotherhood began as an all-inclusive one that comprises all aspects of life and does not segment Islam. 

We believe that government is part of the Islamic teachings that falls within its scope and under its provisions, and that political freedom is one of its pillars and obligations. We are working hard towards the achievement of complete freedom and government reformation, and we believe that we have not brought anything new, for this is Islam, and our existence means nothing but to achieve these goals.

The Brotherhood does not seek power and does not seek it for themselves. They are soldiers and aid everyone who is invested in the Islamic project and its implementation. Islam makes government one of its pillars, and relies on implementation just as it relies on guidance. In the past, the third caliph, may Allah be pleased with him, said: “Allah distributes through the ruler what he does not dispose of through the Qur’an”. The Prophet ﷺ has made governance is a binding factor of Islam. Governance is therefore stipulated in the books of jurisprudence but derived from beliefs and principles, and not from jurisprudence and legal branches. Islam is governance and implementation, just as it is legislation and education, just as it is law and the judiciary, each inseparable from the other.

It may be understood that the reformers of Islam are convinced of the rank of preaching and guidance if they find among the people of implementation listening to Allah’s commands and implementing His rulings. The situation as we know it, the refusal of the Islamic reformers to demand the rule is an Islamic crime, which can only be expiated with the progression and the quest of reformation. This is a clear declaration made by the True Islamic provisions.

In conclusion for our nation to do so, and for its rulers to demand its Islamic rights, and for the Muslim Brotherhood to act.

The position of the Muslim Brotherhood regarding governance is clearly evident in these words, which stipulates that the ultimate goal of the Brotherhood is adjudication of the Sharia, and not to rule. The Muslim Brotherhood are considered amongst those who peacefully propagate and call to Allah, using wisdom and sound advice through peaceful means and existing constitutional institutions. The Brotherhood does not seek to rule nor do they aspire to it.