The Muslim Brotherhood Announces 2008 Municipal Elections Program

The Muslim Brotherhood Announces 2008 Municipal Elections Program

The Muslim Brotherhood declared on Thursday March, 6th, 2008, its platform for the 2008 municipal elections scheduled to be held next April, 8th. The main items of this election program are:


1- Encouraging popular efforts (societal participation in development and service projects).


2- Focusing on integration and coordination among various bodies inside local councils.


3-Giving a priority to projects of cleaning, pure water, sewerage systems and protecting the environment.


4- Activating the role of educational, religious and youth institutions in spreading awareness about problems in the society, human development, qualification and training .


5-Providing feasibility studies for development and investment projects and small projects that suit every local council and providing training on these projects.


6- Caring for the youth, spreading Islamic values and fighting destructive habits invading the society.


7- Fighting political, financial and administrative corruption and all forms of social hypocrisy.


8- Fighting all everyday problems that Egyptian citizens suffer from.


9- Enhancing women’s role in society in general and villages in particular, developing the Egyptian woman’s personal abilities and strengthening her role in contributing to plans and development processes, allowing her to cooperate in projects aiming to improve the quality of life and helping women in achieving a balance between her family role and her role in society .


10- Developing, strengthening and encouraging the role of the private sector in supporting social and voluntary work to serve the Egyptian society.


11-Caring for real projects related to agricultural development, protection of the environment and natural resources.


The program included also a detailed explanation of the outlines in fields of: health and education, abolition of illiteracy, cleaning, environment, electricity, roads and transportations, managing local resources, youth center and tackling social problems.


It included also the MB view around preaching and endowment, charities, tackling problems related to drinking waters, sewerage, construction planning, affording bread, and how to benefit from service institutions, the problems of agriculture and irrigation and animal wealth, and unemployment, how to mange disasters and crises, and women empowerment.


The platform has been announced in the midst of security harassments that includedsweeps of arrests against Muslim Brotherhood potential candidates while attempting to submit papers to run for the municipal elections. This sweep of arrests, hit the landmark number of 1000 MB detainees, has been capped by the arrest of Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood Executive Office, last Thursday dawn.