The Muslim Brotherhood Leads in 2nd Round of Election

The Moslem Brotherhood Leads in 2nd Round of Election

Essam el-Erian, an influential member of the Moslem Brotherhood, stated that the movement wins 13 seats, out of 144, allotted to the second round of the parliamentary vote. He added that 35 of the Moslem Brotherhood nominees, at least, for some voting results have not announced yet, will contest for run-off ballot on Nov 25. On the other hand, six candidates associated to the Moslem Brotherhood fell.


Thus, the Moslem Brotherhood confirms the great success achieved in the first round; when it won 32 seats. Now, the Moslem Brotherhood has 47 outright seats; a number that doubles its representation in the parliament.


On the other side, Muhammad Habeeb, the first vice of the Supreme Guide of the Moslem Brotherhood, said that more than 470 of the MB’s members were detained during the last three days, in the nine governorates in which the vote took place.


The second phase of election was marred by violence, in which rioters used light weapons, Molotov cocktail and dogs to intimidate voters. El-Misery el-Youm newspapers cited the candidates of al-Tagamoa, opposing party, as accusing the backers of the Moslem Brotherhood and of the National Democratic Party with inciting violence and thuggery.      “The supporters of the Moslem Brotherhood attacked el-Wafd’s nominee in el-Garbia governorate,” El-Wafd newspaper, powered by opposing el-Wafd Party, reported.


On his part, Habeeb put the blame on the NDP, explaining that the sweeping victory of the Moslem Brotherhood in the first round enraged the NDP-ruled government so it thought of threatening voters, whose support to the Moslem Brotherhood grows rapidly, in order to curtail the movement.