The Muslim Brotherhood: Media campaign against the group will not save the coup from its fate

The Muslim Brotherhood: Media campaign against the group will not save the coup from its fate

As the severity of the economic disasters that Egypt is suffering from increases, amidst the selling of the nation’s assets and the confiscation of the future of upcoming generations, and the weakening of Egypt’s historical role at all levels and in all pivotal issues in which Egypt was an active part, the media loyal to the coup authority has launched a new campaign against the Muslim Brotherhood in an attempt to divert attention from the deliberate failures that the coup authority seeks to further entangle Egypt in, and to continue manufacturing a fabricated enemy to justify the crimes and disgraces committed by the coup leaders.

In this context, we affirm that this campaign, which employs worn-out tools and outdated slogans, and makes accusations that all segments and components of the Egyptian people recognize as false, will fail and will not bear fruit – as previous ones did not – and will not be useful nor will it grant them an illusory victory or lost popularity, and it will not save this authority from its certain doom.

Accusing the Muslim Brotherhood of terrorism and using violence, and trying to base this on slogans that have nothing to do with the group or its approach, is a vile attempt to throw accusations at the innocent and blame the victims. However, such desperate attempts will not achieve their goal or reach their end.

We also confirm that the Egyptian people are no longer deceived by these attempts after every group has suffered from the hardships of the coup and every component has fallen prey to the disasters of the brutal authority, and that attempts to create discord between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian people are now futile after the truths have become clear to everyone keen to know the truth and apparent to anyone with eyes.

The peaceful approach that the Muslim Brotherhood has adopted was and still is original in its thought, it will not deviate from it and will not cease to adhere to it, as it Is the safety valve for Egypt that preserved it in times of hardship and protected its assets and institutions, which the group has always prioritized and recognized the danger of their collapse in facing the oppression and hardship that the coup continues to bring and commit.

The Muslim Brotherhood confirms that its peaceful approach in confronting the coup and resisting its corruption, failure, and collapse has never been a tactic used for political gain, but has always been steadfast principles and positions that do not change or alter.. These were affirmed by the group’s institutions before and after the January Revolution, before the coup and after, and were clearly declared by the Honorable General Guide Dr. Mohammed Badie on the Raba’a platform when he confirmed that “our revolution is peaceful and will remain peaceful, our peacefulness is stronger than bullets,” a confirmation also made by the General Shura Council in a meeting in 2013 during the Raba’a sit-in, when it affirmed that rejection of the coup should be through peaceful means, a fact witnessed by all who monitored the sit-in, whether Egyptians or foreigners.. The same decision was reaffirmed in the General Shura Council meeting in 2014, and in the consultative meeting for representatives of the governorates in September 2014, which emphasized the rejection of violence and targeting of lives, followed by decisions of the General Shura Council in its 2015 meeting, and afterwards by decisions made by the acting General Guide at that time, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat, to expel anyone who contradicted these decisions.

We emphasize that the attempts made by these pen-holders, who sold their country for a pittance and chased after the gifts and tyranny of the coup out of desire and fear, do not understand how to love the country nor know how to sacrifice for its safety and how to prioritize the country’s interest over our own hardships and adversity, and they will only bring more disgrace to themselves and more pride, honor, and steadfastness to the Brotherhood and all the honorable national forces in holding on to their country and caring for its institutions and assets.

We urge every honorable pen-holder and all honest media to adhere to professionalism, credibility, and to take information from its accredited sources.

In conclusion: We affirm to those who have lost their conscience and erased their countries from their hearts, prioritizing their personal interests and immediate gains, that the sincere sons of the nation keep evidence of the crimes committed by the coup and its accomplices, and the day will come when they will not escape fair punishment before a judiciary that does not submit to the executive authority nor is dictated instructions, the day when the nation’s dignity and the people’s word return, and it is indeed a near day, and on that day every sincere person will rejoice at the salvation of the nation and the return of life to it, and nothing is impossible for Allah.

And Allah is The Greatest, and all Praise is due to Him.


Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Hussein

Acting General Guide of the “Muslim Brotherhood”

Friday, 17 Shawwal 1445 AH – April 26, 2024