The Muslim Brotherhood Vision

The Muslim Brotherhood Vision

Imam Hassan Al-Banna (May Allah have mercy on him) mentions that his comprehensive understanding of Islam, his distress over the condition of Muslims, and his certainty that people’s happiness lies in returning to Islam as Allah revealed it, prompted him to seek out those who had a hopeful vision. He worked together with them to address the ailments of the nation by establishing the first foundational nucleus in Ismaailia, which led to the emergence of the Muslim Brotherhood in Dhu Al-Qa’dah 1347 Hijri – April 1928. It was a commitment and a covenant to work towards this goal, until the public norms of the nation transition to a righteous Islamic direction.”

Imam Al-Banna explains his understanding of Islam: it’s the Islam brought by our Master Muhammad, peace be upon him, from his Lord. This is because many Muslims across different ages have imposed on Islam attributes, descriptions, boundaries, and rituals of their own. 

Some people see Islam as nothing more than the observable boundaries of worship, while others perceive Islam solely as virtuous morals, abundant spirituality, philosophical nourishment for the mind and spirit, and distancing from the oppressive material world. 

There are those whose acceptance of Islam stops at admiration of its practical and vital meanings. Others see Islam as a type of inherited beliefs and traditional actions that offer no enrichment or progress, therefore, they resent Islam and everything connected to it. 

Few people comprehend Islam as a complete, clear image that brings together all these meanings. 

We believe that the rules and teachings of Islam encompass the affairs of people in this life and the next. Islam is faith and worship, homeland and nationality, religion and state, spirituality and action, Qur’an and sword. The Holy Qur’an addresses all these aspects, considers them at the core of Islam, and recommends excellence in them all. 

The brothers connected with the Book of Allah, drew inspiration from it, and sought guidance from it. They are certain that Islam is this comprehensive, all-inclusive meaning. It should dominate all affairs of life, all should be coloured with it, subjected to its rule, and follow its principles and teachings, drawing from them, as long as the nation wants to be truly Muslim. 

If a nation submits in its worship but imitates non-Muslims in the rest of its affairs, then it is a nation with incomplete Islam, akin to those about whom Allah says: “Do you believe in part of the Scripture and disbelieve in part? There is no reward for those who do so except disgrace in this life, and on the Day of Resurrection they will be subjected to the most severe punishment and Allah is not unaware of what you do.” (Qur’an 2:85).

Alongside this, Many of the opinions and sciences that were linked to Islam and were tinted with its ‘colour’, carry the ‘colour’ of the ages that produced them and the peoples that coexisted with them. Therefore, the Islamic systems that the nation relies on should be derived from this pure and easy source, and we should understand Islam as it was understood by the Companions and the Followers of the righteous predecessors, may Allah be pleased with them. We should adhere to these divine prophetic boundaries so as not to constrain ourselves with anything other than what Allah constrains us with, and we should not impose on our era a ‘colour’ that does not agree with it. Islam is the religion for all of humanity.

In addition to this, the Muslim Brotherhood also believes that Islam, as a universal religion, has organized all matters of life for all peoples and nations, across all ages and times. It came more complete and sublime than to be subjected to the details of this life, especially in purely worldly matters. It only sets the overall rules in each of these matters, and guides people to the practical path for applying them and proceeding within their limits.

To guarantee truth and correctness in this application, or at least strive for them, Islam takes complete care in treating the human soul, which is the source of all systems and the substance of thinking, imagination, and formation. It prescribes effective remedies that purify the soul from whims, cleanse it from the impurities of purpose and goal, guide it towards perfection and virtue, and restrain it from injustice, inadequacy, and aggression. 

When the soul becomes upright and purified, everything that emanates from it becomes good and beautiful.

The concept of the Muslim Brotherhood encompasses all reformative meanings:

– A Salafi call: They call for returning Islam to its pure source, the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger.

– A Sunni method: They commit themselves to act according to the purified Sunnah in everything.

– A Sufi reality: They strive for the purification of the soul, the purity of the heart, love for the sake of Allah, and commitment to good.

– A political entity: They demand the reform of governance internally, adjustment of the Islamic nation’s relations with others, and educating the people in dignity and honour.

– A sports group: They care for their bodies, as all obligations of Islam cannot be properly fulfilled without a strong body.

– A scientific and cultural association: The Brotherhood’s clubs are in reality schools for education and culture, and institutes for the nurturing of body, mind, and spirit.

– An economic company: Islam concerns itself with the management of wealth and its lawful acquisition.

– A social concept: They work to treat the ailments of the Islamic society.

Thus, the Brotherhood’s activities are directed towards all these aspects. This is why many aspects of the Brotherhood’s work appear contradictory to people, although they are not. The Muslim brother weeps In devotion in the niche, then he is a preacher, a teacher, calling to prayer with reminders of advice. Shortly thereafter, you see him as an elegant athlete, playing ball, training in running, or practicing swimming. After a while, you see him in his shop or factory, practicing his craft with integrity and sincerity.

The Brotherhood also avoids being fanatical about titles, as they are united by Islam around a single title, which is the “Muslim Brotherhood”.

The call of the Brotherhood focuses on:

1 – Inclusivity: Because the rules of Islam regulate people's affairs in this life and the Hereafter.

2 – Divine nature: The basis of Islamic rulings is the book of Allah, the Almighty, and the Sunnah of His messenger, peace be upon him.

3 – Practicality: Islam is the religion for all of humanity, in all its eras, and in all aspects of life. It's practical in that it establishes general principles and leaves many of the details and intricacies. It treats the human soul of its ailments and elevates it to the horizons of perfection. 

The goal of the Muslim Brotherhood and the characteristics of their call:

The Muslim Brotherhood has a shirt-term goal, which is to contribute to the common good, regardless of its kind and type.

As for the main goal, it is comprehensive and complete reform, towards which all the forces of the nation cooperate and direct their efforts, addressing all existing situations with change and alteration. Therefore, the Muslim Brotherhood works on forming a new generation of believers in the correct teachings of Islam, aiming to imbue the nation with an Islamic ethos.