The Muslim Brotherhood Warn from Bullies Wearing Shirts with the Slogan “Islam Is the Solution”

The Muslim Brotherhood Warn from Bullies  Wearing Shirts with the Slogan “Islam Is the Solution”


Dr  Mohamed Al Sayyid Habib, the First Deputy of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Guide, warned from cunning schemes by the National Democratic Party in which bullies disguised under the Muslim Brotherhood slogans will carry out acts of violence and disorder that will be later attributed to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Habib said ” we have learned that the National Democratic Party was planning a trap to be implemented on the re-runs for the second round of elections on Saturday 26/11/2005. The plan is to make some bullies and petit –criminals who are used to violence wear T-shirts that will carry the slogan of ’Islam is the Solution’ . They will carry knives and swords in an attempt to assault the voters and defame the candidates of the Muslim Brotherhood. .”

Dr Habib added ” on our part , we warn the leadership of  the National Democratic Party from  sliding down to such irresponsible tactics that contradict with the simplest values, rules, and  principles. Furthermore, we assert that such behavior causes harm to Egypt’s honor and reputation. Meanwhile, we urge our Brothers and supporters to remain calm , avoid clashes, and be keen to cast their votes properly.”