The Muslim youth responsibility

The Muslim youth responsibility

Then we find the imam – may Allah have mercy on him – mobilizing the hearts of the zealous youth, and making them feel the responsibility placed upon them, when he says to them: “From here your duties have expanded, from here the consequences of your actions have became great, from here the rights of your nation on you have multiplied, from here the trust that hangs around your necks has become heavy, and from here you should think long and hard, work a lot, specify your position, come forward to the rescue, and give the nation its full due.”

The Muslim youth does not spend their youth idly and frivolously like other youths. The striving nation would not approve of that , and whoever voluntarily seeks to work for Allah has to give the nation its right from his youth, he gives it effort, sacrifice, movement, activity, and hard work, without fatigue or boredom;  This is why we find the Imam added this by explaining the difference in upbringing between the generations of the nation, describing the first generation by saying: “The youth may grow up in a calm and peaceful nation, whose authority is strong and its architecture is sprawling, as a result a young person is more preoccupied with himself than what he is with his nation”. He then explains the other generation: “ In a struggling and working nation, that has been conquered and taken over by others and has been tyrannized and oppressed by its opponents, it will strive as much as it can in order to recover its stolen right, its usurped heritage, its lost freedom, its lofty prestige and its elevated ideals.  

At that time, one of the most incumbent duties on a young person is to dedicate more to his nation than to himself, and when he does that he will win immediate prosperity on the field of victory, and deferred prosperity is in his reward from Allah.”

In this way, he clarifies the path of sacrifice for the youth and how to spend of their youth and give of their energy, without looking for anything in return from anyone besides Almighty Allah.

He concludes by spreading the spirit of hope and confidence in their hearts so that they are not taken over by despair. He does so by clarifying the reality of victory and its fixed laws based on faith and work.  And what a great success there is in store for the hard workers!!”

The depth of its roots 

Then he moves on to another axis to explain the reality of our call in the modern era, its legitimacy, the depth of its roots, and the statement that this call is from the core of Islam, “We believe in an unquestionable faith about which there is no doubt, we hold a belief that is firmer than the mountains, and deeper than the secrets of one’s most inner thoughts, that there is only one ideology that can save the tormented world, guide a confused and perplexed humanity and point people to the right path. lt therefore deserves to be sacrificed for, in order to announce it, propagate it, and bring people to it with their lives and their wealth in everything way possible. ” This idea is the pure Islam in which there is no crookedness, no evil associated with it, and no misguidance for those who follow it. It is Islam, the spirit and method of this call, and the way of its revival and guidance, and perhaps in this the most eloquent response to the sceptics of the Brotherhood’s intentions and orientations. They only want Islam, and they do not want and do not see anything other than Islam as a saviour for the nation; “Our ideology is therefore purely Islamic, based on Islam, from which it is derived, and for which we strive, and in order to elevate its word we work. Nothing equates with Islam as a system, and no leader can be accepted beside it, and no rulings can be obeyed except from it.”