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  • October 20, 2005
  • 4 minutes read

The National Front gather 5000 Observers

The National Front gather 5000 Observers

The National Front gather 5000 Observers
Ikhwan online
By Muhammad el-Shreef
The General Assembly of the National Front for Reform and Change, in which the Moslem Brotherhood, Wafd Party, el-Amal Party, Revolutionary Socialists, and a number of public figures take part, decided to prepare 5000 monitors for the upcoming parliamentary election, scheduled on Nov.9.


The Secretary General of the Front, Muhammad Habeeb, the first vice of the Supreme Guide of the Moslem Brotherhood, said during GA’s meeting on 18th Oct. that we depends on the local supervision over the election to detect any rigging. 

He added that all current indications underscore that vote rigging is certain. For example, the emergency law is still in force, there are up till now more than 20.000 detainees, registered electors need audit.


Habeeb remarked that the Moslem Brotherhood managed to muster more than 3000 monitors who were able to discover dozens of contraventions during the last presidential election. We accounts on the local supervision and not on the international but we do not against it.


It worth noting that the General Assembly of the National Front has agreed not to demand an international supervision over the upcoming election, at the same time, the idea is not totally rejected, yet.


The members of the Front’s GA queried the end of the international supervision for it always seeks to attain its own interests, unheeding to the Egyptian benefits. In addition, it implies a pattern of interference in the Egyptian internal affaires.