The NDP Seizes the Parliamentary Committees

The Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc protested the dominance of the National Democratic Party over all parliamentary committees with exception of the Health Committee. The bloc considered the NDP mobilization for grasping all committees, in which the MB’s bloc ran for, is illogical. Besides, the Parliament Chairman refused to receive contests and protests over the vote, in spite of incomplete registers of these committees.
The bloc’s spokesman, Hamdy Hassan, labeled the NDP’s unchallenged control over these committees as’ exclusion of other parliamentary powers.’ The vote clearly demonstrates the persistence of the NDP to monopoly the parliamentary activities, ignoring 20% of elected members, i.e. the MB’s representatives. This tendency of predominance hurdles unbalanced performance of both the government and its ruling party. The muster of the NDP’s strength in the committees in which the MB’s representatives competed confirmed the NDP’s intention to dismiss any opposing power.
The committees’ enrolls, moreover, were full of mistakes which created confusion. For instance, Ali Fatah el-Bab, a MB’s representative, recorded his name in the Industry Committee, however; he found his name in the Human Resource Committee. Detecting these errors, the MB bloc lodged a number of contests. Nevertheless, the Parliament Chairmen, Fatahy Soror, rejected them on the assumption that the bylaw allows presenting protests one day ahead of the vote. When the bloc indicated that the registers were not at hand, Soror claimed that they were available before Saturday.