The number of MB detainees rise to 368

The number of MB detainees rise to 368

The latest count of MB detainees has revealed that 368 members are currently detained in 7 of Egypt’s prisons.

Abdel Monem Abdel Maksoud, defense lawyer for the MB stressed that 220 of the detainees are detained under the Emergency Law provisions, while 148 remaining in custody are detained indefinitely.


 State security apparatus has carried out numerous campaigns against members of the group mostly during predawn raids. Personal belongings have been confiscated and sometimes members of the families are taken hostages if the MB is absent during the assault.

Highly ranked leaders have been targeted during the increased waves of arrests including Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat, deputy-chairman, and four other members of the MB Executive Bureau including Dr.
Essam el-Erian, Dr. Mohi Hamid, Dr. Abdel Rahman Al-Barr and Dr. Osama Nasr Eldeen.


Five other MB leaders are currently serving sentences issued by the military tribunal, including Eng. Khayrat al-Shater, Deputy-Chairman, Hassan Malek, Eng. Ahmed Shousha, Sadek el-Sharkawi, and Eng. Ahmed Ashraf.